Following Soulspiration


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We are Following Soulspiration – both by name and by our actions. The three of us started this podcast as a way to honor and record our quest to our ultimate goal – embodiment of self. We share our conversations, we share our evolution, and we share the journey and process, to find the capital T Truth of who we are. So much in life is about the destination. What even is that destination? Success? Happiness? Fulfillment? Or can it be quantified by “the marriage”, or “the family” or “the job”? For each of us that “destination” might look different and we have realized the importance of being present, honoring the now, and finding the magic in the process in our exploration of what this really looks like to us. We don’t know where this is taking us. What we do know is that since the three of us came together and created this space, TRANSFORMATION is both inevitable and powerful. We have one rule. Follow the Fun.. We are doing what speaks to our soul, not what we feel we “should” be doing. Follow us to watch our transformation unfold, learn from our lessons, and find your own Soulspiration in the process.

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