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Making adventures outdoors a bigger part of your life. Hi, I’m Liv Bolton. Do you ever sit at your desk wishing you were outside adventuring? If you’re nodding your head, The Outdoors Fix is for you. It’s a podcast to inspire people who want to make adventures outdoors a bigger part of their life! In this series I speak some incredible people who have lots of tips and advice on how to do it, including record-breaking hiker James Michael Forrest who went from being in an office job in Birmingham to moving to the Lake District, becoming a travel writer and climbing all 446 mountains in England and Wales in the quickest ever time. Some of my other interviewees include survival specialist and Bear Grylls’ right-hand man Ross Bowyer, Team 52 challenge founder and ex-banker Annie Ross, and adventure photographer Jessie Leong! You can find the podcasts and more info on The Outdoors Fix website, which is – I hope you enjoy it!

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