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Awakening: The Podcast is hosted by metaphysical doctor, bestselling author and spiritual guide Dr. Heather Kristian Strang. Awakening: The Podcast delves into: **Living in the Golden Age - now **How to live Spirit-Led/Source-led/led by The Divine during these times **Your Advanced Technology body & how to work with it for your Highest Destiny & Health **WTF is really going on during this time in consciousness **The Ascension / Embodiment / Unification Awakening process **“Death” **Becoming a Divine Human in Form **Oracle Readings to guide your year and month Dr. Heather Kristian Strang, you can call her Dr. Kristian, was guided to co-create this podcast as a support for those on the spiritual Awakening path. This podcast is for those who desire to better inner-stand their body's, this Earth experience, their relationships and how to navigate it all with greater ease, Love, Joy, Peace, Prosperity and Miracles.

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