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Ever wondered what its like to live in Iceland? Ever wondered what its like to work as sex educator? Ever wondered what its like to be a woman? ...How about an Icelandic female sex educator?! Welcome to the wonderful, and weird, world of Sigga Dögg the Icelandic sexologist. You will accompany her on her travels as she delivers sex ed all over Iceland to kids, teens and adults and she will share her thoughts on all and any matter under the sun and beyond. But mostly in Iceland. So if you answered yes to any of the above - welcome :) Sigga Dogg is an Icelandic sex educator and writer. She has a degree in psychology and a master’s degree in sexology from Curtin University in Australia. Her main focus is on a humorous and honest sex-positive sexual education with no subject too taboo, both in the public sphere via media and in private, in schools and for adult groups. She has been lecturing about all matters sexual to all ages and varied professional groups for six years, in addition to regular hosting of a stand-up routine about discovering her own sexual self and trying to have sex as a married parent of two toddlers and a baby. Sigga Dogg has been writing about sex and relationships for the biggest newspaper and magazines in Iceland since 2005, in addition to writing for the Icelandic edition of Glamour magazine and the website Scary Mommy. She published her first book, Talking about sex; a guide for adults on how to talk to kids and teenagers about sex, in 2014 and was very well received and nominated for The Female Book Award Of The Year. Her second book is a collection of columns and sexual Q& A, that will be published the summer of 2016. She is currently writing a book based on all the anonymous questions students have asked her during her sex ed class to teenagers from the age of 13 to 18 years old. She is a regular commentator on sexual matters for reporters, both in print and on screen, and has co-written and hosted a television show about sex for young adults. She has also advised on scripts for theater productions and various books, in addition to hosting her own live radio show; Chatting about sex. Sigga Dogg is also the president of The Icelandic sexology association, that just hosted the Nordic Association of Clinical Sexology annual conference (2015), in Reykjavík, with Betty Dodson as a keynote speaker. Sigga Dogg’s mission is to change the way we talk about sex by using humor, honesty and facts. She believes in the power and importance of humor but also diversity and honesty, so she always carries with her a collection of various genital photographs to promote genital and body diversity and she hands out free, as well as condoms and lube to those who want it. Changing sexual perception and encouraging open and honest communication happens from the bottom up by inspiring one person.

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