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My pal Dan and I spent X-mas watching this rock n' roll favorite beloved by rockers and radio station employees to this day. We break down the making of the film, the many musical considerations involved in the soundtrack, the stellar comedy cast, and overall how the guy who directed Heathers and Hudson Hawk + the guy who wrote XXX, The Jerky Boys movie, and the Motley Crue biopic for Netflix worked very hard to make a rock movie for the 90s that reflects almost nothing about 90s rock except for when it tries to pretend 90s rock sucks and should be overturned entirely by 3 guys who clearly came from a Motley Crue concert circa Dr. Feelgood. Special notes about Lemmy, Kurt Loder, Vince Neil's manslaughter trial, and NY Hardcore band Reagan Youth almost getting ripped off by an LA band submitting their "original" song to the movie producers to be the Lone Rangers hit single that Chazz wrote before HE EVEN MET YOU.

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