#13 NELIANA FUENMAYOR - blockchain and transparency in fashion


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How do we navigate the complex world of fashion supply chains and brand marketing? How do we know who’s opinion to trust so we can feel confident we know #whomademyclothes?

Imagine if evidence rather than opinion gave the ability to trust. Not the evidence of a certificate or stamp of approval, but evidence provided by technology to track garments and their origin. Evidence that cannot be altered or bribed. I’m talking about blockchain for fashion.

Blockchain technology is one of the innovations that Neliana Fuenmayor founder A Transparent Company uses to support sustainability and ethical aims for fashion brands. Partnering with Provenance, designer Martine Jarlgaard and Fashion Innovation Agency, blockchain, QR codes (Quick Response Code) and NFC tags (Near-field communication) can be used in garments to give consumers access to data about the supply chain of each individual garment.

No longer do we need to take a brands word for the provenance of our garments, we can see for ourselves what they were made out of, where and by who.

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation A New Textiles Economy report is considered to be leading the way for the circular economy by presenting a positive new vision for the textiles and fashion industry to work together. A Transparent Company in partnership with Provenance features in A New Textiles Economy highlighting the potential of blockchain for fashion and also names them as a Circular Economy 100 member. This is hugely important to the company’s credibility and to be recognised as a thought leader, putting Neliana ahead of the curve.

In this podcast I speak to Neliana about: how innovation and technology has the power to change the fashion industry and how brands communicate, our shared love of a magical island, and how it’s all connected.


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