S07 Episode 20: In the School of the Holy Spirit Part 1: Introduction and Chapter One


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In the School of the Holy Spirit Part 1: Introduction and Chapter One

In this episode we begin our 3 week book study on In the School of the Holy Spirit by Fr. Jacques Philippe. We talk about how holiness is not something to be gained by human effort, rather it is a complete surrender to the work of the Holy Spirit in us. We also discuss how we should seek to love God with our whole heart because He is good, not because of what we want Him to give us in return.

Sister Miriam’s one thing - good old-fashioned thunderstorms!

Michelle’s one thing - a Father’s Day gift guide (see below!), mainly the new Bible from Word on Fire: the beauty, the commentary, the art!

Heather’s one thing - The show This Is Us, and musician Sarah Kroger.

Additional Resources

Michelle’s Father's Day Gift Guide

Books for Dad:

Gifts for Fathers and Spiritual Fathers - Please take 15% off your purchase from the Greenhouse Collective Shop with discount code: Abide15

Book Study

Join this Summer Book Study! We’re spending the next few episodes with In the School of the Holy Spirit by Fr. Jacques Philippe.

This book is going to help you to be more attentive to the movements of the Holy Spirit in your life as you learn to value the third person of the Trinity as the Sanctifier of your soul. Fr. Jacques explains the rewards of being attentive to the Holy Spirit and provides simple and concrete ways to grow in this inner sensitivity. In his clear and simple style, he illustrates his points with many examples from modern life. In the School of the Holy Spirit is a valuable aid in your own spiritual journey.

We will begin today and go till June 15, but you can do this at any time that suits your schedule; maybe in the middle of the summer or in the future works best for you.

We will have questions available for you on our website as well as hearty discussions in our private facebook group, which you are welcome to join.

We hope you will grab your copy of In the School of the Holy Spirit and join us. You can buy a hard copy or kindle version on Amazon (Amazon US) (Amazon Canada) (Amazon UK), or check your local Catholic book store.

(As an Amazon Associate, Abiding Together earns from qualifying Amazon purchases: Amazon US, Amazon Canada, Amazon UK. If you are not in one of those three countries, you can always purchase the book through your ordinary Amazon channel.)

Get your copy today and follow along with us.

Reading Schedule:June 1st - Introduction & Chapter OneJune 8th - Chapter TwoJune 15th - Chapter Three, Conclusion, and Appendices

Discussion questions:

  1. What struck you from the podcast?
  2. What excites you about learning to live in the School of the Holy Spirit?
  3. How have you approached holiness? Have you seen it as something to be achieved or received as a gift?
  4. Where do you feel the tension between Kingdom living and the messages of the world?
  5. Who has been an example to you of what it looks like to live in the school of the Holy Spirit?

Journal Questions:

  1. Reflect and journal about this scripture: Luke 6:38. What does it speak to you personally?
  2. Where do you feel you are in your desire for the Holy Spirit: do you “want it”, or do you “want to want it”?
  3. Spend some time asking the Lord how you can love Him more purely and to hear what he says to you.
  4. Where can you take the next step toward openness and surrender to the Holy Spirit?

Quote to Ponder - God is very generous and does not refuse His grace to anyone. He gives even more than we ask for. The shortest road is faithfulness to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit. - St. Faustina’s Diary

Scripture for Lectio Divina - Luke 6:38 “Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap; for the measure you give will be the measure you get back.”

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