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THE LAW OF NATIONS Introduction. BOOK I. Idea and General Principles of the Law of Nations. § 1. What is meant by the term nation or state. Nations or States are political bodies, societies of men who have united together and combined their forces,in order to procure their mutual welfare and security. § 2. It is a moral person Such a society has its own affairs and interests; it deliberates and takes resolutions in common, and it thus becomes a moral person having an understanding and a will peculiar to itself, and susceptible at once of obligations and of rights. REALITY CHECKS No government on this planet is gonna repair a people financially that openly says it doesn’t want reparations. If you don’t understand what you just read, then you sir or mam are part of the problem of keeping “black” people invisible to the rest of the civilized world. The irony is, WE CREATED THE LAWS THAT WE NO LONGER WANNA ABIDE BY. Now that’s funny, and even funnier than that, is people who spew nonsensical arguments about a boogie man they call the “white man”! There is a science to the rights and obligations of what makes a people a nation or a state. Blacks are immoral and neglectful to their obligation as it relates to nationality, law, government, commerce, wealth, power, etc…BLACK PEOPLE ARE AT THE BOTTOM.

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