282: Why Human Nature is the #1 Obstacle Holding You Back (and How to Overcome It)


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Do you know what’s standing in the way of creating and experiencing everything you want for your life? The answer might surprise you.

Our cavemen and cavewomen ancestors were biologically programmed to do two things: survive and rest. Our agenda back then was simple: hunt and gather food so that we could sustain life, find shelter, and rest until we needed more food to eat or a new shelter to rest under. We were NOT, however, designed to achieve, to get ahead, or to be successful.

So, to this day human beings unconsciously abide by our inborn human nature, and it prevents us from creating and experiencing what we deeply want to create and experience in our lives.

On today’s podcast, I share raw, unfiltered thoughts and powerful, life-changing information that can help you transcend your innate human nature (that is holding you back). You’re also going to learn about how society conditions us to want things that don’t make us happy, why you’re always going to be drawn toward taking the path of least resistance, and how to overcome the laws of the universe to do what we need in order to create everything you want and deserve.

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