Ruby Fremon - How To Speak Up When You Feel Like You Can't


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In today's online culture, it's easy to confuse "influencers" with leaders, and chase the followers, the likes, and the superficial success. But while influencers paint a pretty picture, real leaders pave a path. Leadership isn't about what you do, nor is it about what you've accomplished. It's about who you be. What people really yearn for is someone who cuts through the bullshit and lives and operates authentically. They're looking for you, stripped of the façades. You, undiluted, leading with your true self - your potency. Ruby Fremon has helped thousands of leaders quit the performance, reclaim their power and build brands without sacrificing their integrity. In this book, she helps you uncover your deepest fears so you can: Stop seeking validation and recognize your gifts Do the inner work to be a leader and not just look like one Rise up, speak up, and dare to be seen The greatest movements in history were started by people who refused to follow the crowd-now it's time for you to build your own movement, your own way, and never look back. Get a copy of Ruby's new book here:

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