Episode 114: Crossover w/ Country Down Under and Troy Cassar-Daley


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I was supposed to be in New Orleans this week but I’m still taking vacation! It’s our very first podcast crossover with Country Down Under! Country Down Under is a charming podcast from -- you guessed it -- Australia hosted by Tamlyn Butwell and Amy Wescott.

Each episode is a deep dive into a specific artist and their discography. Since both hosts self-identify as queer, they play my favorite game where they read queer subtext into a lot of these songs. The series also features some out queer country artists, too!

This week is a deep dive into Troy Cassar-Daley, one of my favorite artists whom I’ve discovered thanks to CDU. Cassar-Daley is of aboriginal descent and his first hit, “Dream Out Loud,” is definitely the first country song with a didgeridoo. I also included “Black Mountain” for the same reason; also, it’s interesting to hear someone from outside the US provide commentary on our history, given our similarities with Australia.

Tamlyn and Amy provide more detailed shownotes here -- and of course you can find their playlist on Spotify.

Featured Music:

  • “Dream Out Loud”
  • “Black Mountain”

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