Episode 115: Papa Gros, Teddy and the Rough Riders, Gregory Richard and the Grinners, Emily Nenni, Chasing 76, Waxahatchee, Kylee Lanee, Boys Club for Girls, Doc Fell, Carolyn Kendrick


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Rachel teams up with Nashville-based music writer Olivia Ladd to deliver the best in country, roots, and pop music. You can follow Olivia on Twitter at @wokecountry and listen to her excellent podcast Bandsplainer on however you listen to this podcast. And here’s the most important link: the Honky-Tonky Badonkadonk zine. IMPORTANT NOTE: We talk a little about how there are concerts we wanted to go to and then I was jaded and said I wasn’t that psyched about the Newport Folk Fest lineup anyways but that was before I knew they had announced Brittany Howard!!!
  1. Papa Gros -- “Personality” (Central City)
  2. Teddy and the Rough Riders-- “Dancing Lady” (Single)
  3. Gregory Richard and the Grinners -- “Back to Buying Neckties” (The Glue Factory)
  4. Emily Nenni-- “Long Game” (Long Game)
  5. Chasing 76 -- “Salvation” (Eden)
  6. Waxahatchee-- “Lilacs” (Saint Cloud
  7. Kylee Lanee -- “I’m Home” (Single)
  8. Boys Club for Girls-- “Romance Is Dead” (Paste Live Sessions)
  9. Doc Fell -- “Fragile” (Single)
  10. Carolyn Kendrick -- “Tear Things Apart” (Single)
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