Lauren Winter on Dental Genetics


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Lauren Winter joins host Kira Dineen on this episode exploring the genetics of dentistry. They are both genetic counseling graduate students, Lauren attends the University of Pittsburgh and Kira attends Sarah Lawrence College. Lauren is a Research Assistant involved in the COHRA2/COHRA Smile Projects at the Center for Craniofacial and Dental Genetics. Lauren and Kira discuss this project and dental genetics in general.

On This Episode We Discuss….

  • Role of Genetics in Oral Health
  • Potential Uses of Genetic Testing in Dentistry
  • Factors Contributing to Oral Health Disparities in Appalachia
    • Data Collecting and Analysis of Human Genetics, Oral Microbiome, Oral pH, etc.
    • Participant Requirements and Advantages to a Longitudinal Approach
  • Relationships Between Genetic Factors, Dental Caries/Cavities, and BMI
  • Potential Ways for Dentistry and Genetics to Merge

Learn more about Lauren’s experience in her role as a graduate research assistant at the Center for Craniofacial and Dental Genetics in this blog post. Stay updated by following the CCDC on Facebook and Lauren on Twitter.

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