057. St.Easy off the vagina


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This week, we are back after two week to talk about how the kids talk these days. We are drinking Domaine Labranche - MAPLE WINE https://www.saq.com/page/en/saqcom/aperitif-wine/domaine-labranche/12981643?selectedIndex=5&searchContextId=-10022211374817 We rated it 3.5/5in the newsWoman gets shot after performing sex act for 5$ and Pringles https://defensemaven.io/bluelivesmatter/news/woman-performs-sex-act-for-5-pringles-gets-shot-for-refusing-to-give-refund-4UVp0eFfRUGb-zF0hFQ2Og/LIKE US? FOLLOW US EVERYWHERE INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | FACEBOOK | STITCHERS | ITUNES | GOOGLEPLAY

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