071. COYFP, fart gambler


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This week, Phil from AllbeerInside joins us to try a very fancy new type of wine. In Katchup, Kim get carded, Isa runs into a person from her past and Phil gets 23 and me'd. We are drinking La Bleue Vallée, Vin sans raisin. And we gave it 4.75/5 It was amazing. TOPIC In the topics of the day, we spoke about DEATH DIVING and COTARD DISEASE. We also mention #Numberneighbor and Phil asks: should you really "drink 8 glasses of water a day" ? In the news Bride shits herself : https://www.mumslounge.com.au/lifestyle/latest-news/bride-shits-herself-in-her-15k-wedding-dress-after-drinking-detox-drinks-to-combat-bloating/ Find us everywhere : Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | EMAIL

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