2: #2: How Did Independent Bookstores Avoid Going Extinct?


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In this episode, we look at the remarkable turnaround in independent bookstores in the U.S. After thousands closed from 1995 to 2008, over the last decade more bookstores are setting up shop...and staying open. How did it happen? And will it continue? This episode is sponsored by: Before the Fall by Noah Hawley Less by Andrew Sean Greer You can keep up with Annotated between episodes with photos, facts, and trivia on Instagram (@annotatedfm) and Twitter (@annotatedfm). This episode was written and produced by Jeff O’Neal and directed by Jeremy Desmon. Sound editing and design by Kyle O’Neal. Special production assistance from Sharifah Williams, Blair Anderson and Rita Meade. Our thanks to Josh Christie of Print: A Bookstore in Portland, Maine, Oren Teicher of the American Booksellers Association, Prof Ryan Rafaelli of Harvard’s Business School and Noelle Santos of The Lit Bar, coming soon to The Bronx.

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