Alan Niven, former Guns N' Roses manager - Ep. 48


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Episode 48 of The AFD Show is a big one. First, joining Brando as special co-host is rock podcaster/journalist, Mitch LaFon. This is the 2nd appearance on the show for Mitch, as we profiled his career in Ep. 16. Then we welcome in Alan Niven, the first official manager of Guns N' Roses. Alan doesn't hold back; from his first impressions of GNR, to the eventual change in management, to specific tours (Rolling Stones/Iron Maiden), to his relationship with Izzy Stradln, to Axl/DC, to KISS, to mental health, and even hockey! This is a must-listen for all GNR fans as you may find out things you didn't know before. Alan also answers YOUR submitted questions. Plus as a bonus, at the end of the episode Alan shares new music with us from the band Razor - “It's a Motherf**ker” ...a new band he manages. Follow/subscribe/leave us a review!

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