Dollie Indigostar ~ 11/29/20 ~ Sacred Matrix ~ Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sas


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Dollie Indigostar ~ 11/29/20 ~ Sacred Matrix ~ Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha Alex Lessin ~ Producer Debra DeFranco ~ Revolution Radio, Studio B ~ 8 to 10 PM EST, 7 PM CST, 6 PM MST, 5 PM PST, 2 PM HST Dollie Eanna-Dawn Jensen (Dollie Indigostar) Producer Editor #SLTV #4BKTV #4biddenknowledge Ancient Civilisations Theorist Dollie Indigostar is a writer, known for What If (2017) and DocUFObia (2017). Dollie found herself growing up in the 70s & 80s and her life seemed so unusual to the others around her, she could see auras, use telepathy, astral travel and use clairvoyance. Now in her 40s living with her twin soul for 23 years, she is successfully raising a full Starseed family of Crystal and rainbow children into this brand new leap forwards in human evolutionary presence. Dollie is the Page owner of the largest Starseed page on FB, she has connected to thousands of Starchildren across the globe. She privately mentors struggling adults with such disorders as ADHD, ADD, and other personality disorders, which she claims are connected to Starchildren arriving on Earth for the first time. Dollie is truly one amazing Starseed sent here for an amazing role in assisting the new crystal and rainbow children! Join us as we interview and dive into where her story begins, the road to where she is now, and how it all came to be!!

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