Ronny Dawson ~ 12/01/19 ~ Sacred Matrix ~ Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha Lessin


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Ronny Dawson lives in Ranger, TX. He is a Hazardous Material Transport Operator. in 2009 he witnessed odd lights in Rural locations of Texas. He witnessed a cattle abduction 1st hand and became aware that the lights are from an alien origin. The lights seem to always show themselves especially when he was in rural locations. He convinced a friend to help him record the craft and perform a laser experiment to test the crafts propulsion system in regards to it bending the fabric of space. In the test, Dawson fired a 250 milliwatt Green Laser around and onto the craft's surface. His friend being awestruck at the site of a UFO failed to record the historic event. The next night the aliens paid Dawson a visit to his home in Ranger, TX. They held him hostage while they ransacked his home until they reached the point where the laser was stored. Dawson was fully conscious but unable to move as he was held in place by some invisible force. He watched helplessly as 3 ETs he described as insect looking ran about the house searching for the laser. A year later to the day Dawson was approached at work. This time he managed to catch photos and videos of the craft. The craft approached within 50 feet of Dawson and sent him into hiding. Watching from his hiding spot too scared to move Dawson captured another image of a being looking from an opening under the disk. Dawson watched in horror waiting for something to come rushing at him from the darkness. To his relief, the disk back away and the sound of a military fighter jet could be heard. The craft blinked out and the jet passed directly over the spot it had been. 10 minutes later a strange light began to approach. Dawson grabbed his cell phone to capture another picture. More at

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