Steve McRae: Atheism/Agnosticism Q&A (Re-Upload)


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Steve's statement and relevant links: Follow up: The person who was representing themselves as G.W.F. Hegel has yet to provide any indication that they held a PhD nor has any communication to me to whom they were...I'm inclined to believe was a troll account, however If this changes I will remove this follow up. Link to the PowerPoint presentation: Link to NonSequitur Show: Link to the Great Debate Community channel: Link to join the Great Debate Community: Link to the Great Debate Community web page and forums: Link to Great Debate Community Wiki: http://great-debate-community.wikia.c... Link to the GDC Discord (24 hour live discussions): _______ PayPal: Merch available at Books: Please like, subscribe, comment and consider a donation if you enjoy the content! (Links above) A $1/month contribution via Patreon or a one-time contribution via PayPal makes a huge difference to improve our production quality. Thank you in advance! The Atheist Edge "20 Commandments" 1. Thou shall create quality content. 2. Thou shall upload regularly. 3. Thou shall have alligator skin and ignore trolls. 4. Thou shall not constantly beg for likes, subs and donations. 5. Thou shall continually strive to improve production quality. 6. Thou shall think with thy head instead of thy heart. 7. Thou shall not perpetuate drama or rumors. 8. Thou shall never delete, ban or censor opposing viewpoints. 9. Thou shall admit when you are wrong and never double down. 10. Thou shall attack the ideas, not the person. 11. Thou shall not recommend a book, article, study or a video during a discussion. You aren't explaining your point very well if you have to recommend a book. Plus, it's condescending and presumptuous. 12. "I would love to see you in a debate with _." Thou shall shut thy f***ing mouth and form an independent thought for once in your life. 13. Thou shall not bring up a separate/bigger problem to minimize or discredit the problem I was originally talking about ("whataboutism"/"thisisbiggerism"). 14. Thou shall not come on my show, talk for two hours, let me spend five more hours producing the first 30 minutes of raw footage, then conclude that you think your arguments weren't strong enough and decide to pull the plug. 15. Thou shall never tell anyone to "educate yourself". If you are unwilling or unable to "educate" them, you shouldn't be having the conversation. 16. Thou shall immediately lose all credibility if you resort to name-calling. 17. Thou shall not "test" people by asking them if they are familiar with a particular concept. Arrogantly putting the other person on the spot, or purposely trying to make them look ignorant, tends to backfire spectacularly. 18. Thou shalt not send a link to an article or study without noting the page number and relevant paragraphs. 19. Thou shalt not tell a content creator they should switch to a different format, style, or set of topics. "Christians are boring, you should only interview atheists or science experts from now on." Sounds go start your own f***ing show and do exactly that. 20. [Unintentional] Offense can only be taken, never given. Clutching your pearls and fainting on your couch does nothing to strengthen your argument.

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