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A weekly look at religion and the stupidity that breeds it. Hosts Noah Lugeons, Heath Enwright, and Eli Bosnick delve into theistic attempts to intrude on the secular world in an unflinching expose on just how juvenile the whole god thing is.
Frank and Dan's off-the-cuff conversations focus on current events cast through the lens of their shared atheism. Episodes include a rundown of six news stories from the prior week, and the show occasionally features interviews with writers, thinkers, and leaders in the atheist community. As former Mormons, the hosts provide insight into the often misunderstood religious minority.
The Atheist Experience is a weekly cable access television show in Austin Texas geared at a non-atheist audience. It is produced by the Atheist Community of Austin. The Atheist Community of Austin is organized as a nonprofit educational corporation to develop and support the atheist community, to provide opportunities for socializing and friendship, to promote secular viewpoints, to encourage positive atheist culture, to defend the first amendment principle of state-church separation, to opp ...
This is the podcast for
Atheist Roundtable
This is a call-in show about atheism, the lack of belief in supernatural deities and gods. The show airs live at 11:00 pm Eastern every Sunday night.Host Andrew Garber was a true believer for years. Now, after a 12 year apostasy journey, he is an atheist. The show focuses on the issues that have had to change since losing faith.
Atheist Edge
Weekly+ teamtalon@yahoo.com
Luke King is a former Foursquare Pastor, Seminary student and US Navy Chaplain Candidate turned atheist. He went from believing in divine healing, speaking in tongues, casting out demons, and other supernatural phenomenon to embracing a secular perspective on life. He is not an atheist evangelist and feels that he would be wasting his time trying to argue philosophy, plus it makes for boring radio. His concern is how we can live a fulfilling and heart centered secular life, the only one we h ...
Atheist Catholic Conversations (2017-11-07 05:34:49 +0000 UTC)
Jay Nelson Forrest is the creator of Bodhidaoism, the way of awakening, which is an Atheist Vegan Spirituality.
Atheist Muslim
Let us talk with you about Islamic Religion.Hear from us, our struggling story to reach the Truth.Hear from Muslim Couples the real face, of Islamic Religion.As Soon as this season Ends we will talk about the "OPA"the real face of open minded people in the East.
Two ladies and their friends talk about their experiences growing up Adventist and leaving the church. They discuss both positive and negative experiences with irreverent humor and complex perspectives.
Seth Andrews, a former Christian broadcaster and believer for 30 years, ultimately escaped the bonds of superstitious thinking to embrace the more satisfying explanations that science provides. A professional video producer and host of one of the most popular atheist communities on the internet, Seth Andrews brings a polished format, a relaxed environment and a rage-free challenge to the religious beliefs that defined his youth.
The world seen through the eyes of an Angry, Black, Atheist.
Geeks Without God
Geeks Without God is a podcast by three atheist/comedian/geeks. We'll talk about geeky stuff, atheist issues and make jokes. Mostly jokes. We know where our bread is buttered.
Beth and Heretic Woman talk about all manner of subjects from an atheist perspective. Broadcast live on YouTube
Secular Sexuality
Secular Sexuality is a weekly call-in show live from Austin, Texas every Thursday at 7pm CT. Call us at 1-512-686-0279. We talk about sex from a secular perspective. Sex and sexuality are natural to all living creatures but religion takes this and twists it into something awful and to be ashamed of.Acceptance, education, and fun is what we strive for. We lay the intersection of sex and religion (and occasionally ourselves) bare, openly and honestly. We discuss a wide range of topics each wee ...
Commoners Podcast
The transatlantic politics plus podcast bringing you news, discussion, and opinion, from the crossroads of politics, science, religion and philosophy. Join Jon and Adam, an atheist American and a Calvinist Scot, as they come to terms with a year that did not go as planned and plot a course to help them weather the next.
Every episode we blast anyone who gets in our way. We bring critical thinking, skepticism, and irreverence to any topic that makes the news, makes it big, or makes us mad. It’s skeptical, it’s political and there is no welcome mat.
Hugo and Jake
Hugo and Jake sit and talk about everything, from Religion, to Politics, to Movies and TV. Catch up on their Atheist Bible Study to see What the Bible really says, or their Chick tract readings to get your dose of fundamentalist insanity. If you're feeling more topical check out our recent Movie or Books Reviews like our Current Series On Jordan Peterson. So hang out for a bit, and watch some stuff with Hugo and Jake.Special Thanks go to Chris Cheape, the Artist that creates all of TBR's LOG ...
The Wayward Willis
The Wayward Willis is an atheist podcast with a slant toward secular humanism and education. Our goal is to publicize religious topics and discuss the effects of religion on a secular society in an entertaining way. Jon and Logan are a father and son with very different backgrounds and approach religion from two different perspectives.
Coming at you from the Fraser Valley in beautiful BC, focuses on secular humanism, skeptical thinking, positive atheism and all that good stuff.
Todd White Podcast
Todd was a drug addict and atheist for 22 years—when in 2004—he was radically set free! Todd believes that redemption and righteousness are the foundational keys for living life as a new creation in Christ. After God opened Todd’s eyes to this truth, Todd’s foremost desire is to see the Holy Spirit flowing through believers everywhere that they go–at work, school, grocery stores, malls, gas stations, and more. Todd’s true joy is being able to reproduce a 24/7 kingdom lifestyle in every belie ...
The Central Valley Alliance of Atheists and Skeptics hosts two different podcast series. "The CVAAS Lecture Series", where guest speakers, lecturers, and CVAAS members speak or debate in public. And the podcast "Rational Horizon", where CVAAS members interview interesting people, discuss skepticism, religious apologetics, and events that impact secular and skeptical people in the San Joaquin Valley.
Marco Anthrax Show
Going inside of a mind of an atheist intellectual
Freethought Radio
A weekly show by the Freedom From Religion Foundation. Slightly irreverent views, news, music and interviews.
Welcome to Real Science Radio with co-hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams who discuss the latest in science to debunk evolution and to show the evidence for the creator God including from biology, geology, astronomy, and physics. (For example, mutations will give you bad legs long before you'd get good wings.) Not only do we get to debate Darwinists and atheists like Lawrence Krauss, AronRa, and Eugenie Scott, and easily take potshots from popular evolutionists like PZ Myers, Phil Plait, and ...
Infants on Thrones
The Philosophies of Men, Mingled with Humor
The Truth Factory
An atheist and a Muslim with way too much time on their hands decided to host a show. Get ready to hear some truth from our factory.
A weekly podcast exploring academic research on religion and featuring top scholars in history, sociology, political science, economics and religious studies.
In 2019 The Spirit of Things becomes a new program. Soul Search explores contemporary religion and spirituality from the inside out — what we believe, how we express it, and the difference it makes in our lives
He was a trusted aide of Henry VIII, but when he supposedly opposed the monarch's second marriage, he was thrown into prison and executed for treason. More than two hundred years later, he was canonized as the patron saint of statesmen and politicians by the Catholic Church. Philosopher, writer, diplomat, lawyer, Renaissance man, avid gardener, humanist thinker and statesman are only some of the words used to describe him. A lifelong opponent of Protestantism who was rumored to have had here ...
A Star Trek podcast by two guys who are a bit embarrassed to have a Star Trek podcast. After reviewing all of Star Trek: The Next Generation, we're reviewing Star Trek: Deep Space Nine from beginning to end! New episodes on Mondays. Also check out The Greatest Discovery!
Think Club
I make slickly edited video essays, documentaries and compilation videos. A place for spirited debate and thoughtful dialog.Website: https://AdamFriended.comPodcast: Merch:
This is the Drunken Peasants podcast. Bringing you the latest in news, entertainment, politics from an altered perspective.
Reasonable Faith is a conversational program dealing with the most important apologetic questions of our day.
A sex educator and private investigator.
Sibling Veganry
Sky and Aslan are both Siblings and Vegans, so they get together to talk about those two things, but most of the time end up just making each other laugh, while giving you the Vegan news you need, and our Vegan Things of the Week!
THINKER'S CORNER: Where the Big Brains feed on knowledge!SOUNDCLOUD: http://www.fearlessj1111blog.wordpress.comCLICK HERE TO DONATE: ON DAILY MOTION:
Conversation on Church, Community, and Culture
Point of Inquiry
Launched in 2005, Point of Inquiry is the premier podcast of the Center for Inquiry. Point of Inquiry critically examines topics in science, religion, philosophy, and politics. Each episode takes on a specific issue and features in-depth discussions with leading scientists, researchers, and writers.
Quick Hitts
The only podcast that helps you get Smartenized. Brief, succinct podcasts that provide a humorous look at news, culture, science, politics, and the world around us told from a somewhat disgusted, slightly amused point of view.
TVUUC iSermons
The Sermons of Rev. Chris Buice of Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church
Veronica Valli and Chip Somers are experts on recovery. Chip Somers was most recently described by Russell Brand in his book 'Recovery' as a 'right social liability.' Together they have been sober for almost 50 years and have a LOT of stories, messes, experience and occasionally helpful advice to share on living in sobriety. They bring all of that (and more) to the Soberful podcast. This podcast is for anyone who wants to live an alcohol-free life, is struggling to get sober or who is in lon ...
Host FRDH podcast. Radio essayist and documentarist for the BBC and NPR. Historian and author of Ahmad's War, Ahmad's Peace and Emancipation.
The Sin Boldly Podcast is a combination of a radio show offered through KPFT 90.1 in Houston as well as teaching material from First Evangelical Lutheran Church in Houston. The content is apologetic, polemic, and tradition in its Christian worldview. It means to clearly convey the Christian view as opposed to others. All in love, of course!
The logic of personal, philosophical and political freedom
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(00:00:00) - Drake points out that you don’t have to win fancy awards to inspire people, and Jen loves this message. (00:35:58) - Jen reminds you that your life is never “on hold.” (00:49:14) - Fr. Joseph-Anthony Kress stops by to talk about music. He points out that fear makes people one-dimensional and refers to Mumford and Sons as “Thomas Aq ...…
We have some new and shiny geeky boners to share with everyone! Molly is busy polishing her excitement about a new Animal Crossing game that will be released sometime in 2019 (or later because Nintendo). Nick has been playing Horizon Zero Dawn and is a fan. Tim has a couple of little boners (heh) about the MCU and Disney World (shocked face). A ...…
The world doesn’t need more bullies who stand firmly for the truth but ignore their own brokenness. The world doesn’t need watchers who are broken over sin but won’t act boldly for the truth. The world needs you: a faithful and courageous believer in a loving God whose truth has the power to transform a dying world. Join us today to hear how Go ...…
Join us today to learn how to break bad habits and grow your willpower. We will explore Scripture's teachings on how to live a disciplined life while hearing practical strategies for growth based on the science of self-control. Whether you want to deepen your spiritual life, conquer an addiction, or kick your nail-biting habit, this conversatio ...…
Street Epistemology is a tool for engaging everyday people in conversations about beliefs and truth claims. In this broadcast, Seth Andrews speaks with four active street epistemologists about their methods and experiences, and he plays recordings from several SE encounters so that listeners can hear street epistemology in action.Find out more ...…
Living from the place of intimacy with Jesus will constantly keep us grounded in truth. Life is only hard when our sight becomes set on something that does not matter most, Him. In this Podcast, Todd shares his heart on having one focus set of Jesus. | To learn more about Todd White and the ministry of Lifestyle Christianity, visit lifestylechr ...…
Shelley's links:BandCamp - Site - - - - - https://twitter.c ...…
Kenny Campbell is and actor and comedian known for roles in Home Alone, Groundhog Day, and Armageddon. Jessica and Kenny discussed how he almost got fired from his dream job, what it's like being the voice of a talking baby, and his likely criminal past of the men of the Bluemke family.
The New Age Movement has returned with full force in our culture, taking the West and its churches by storm. Too many churches have unknowingly encouraged occult beliefs and practices far removed from what the Bible teaches. Join us to hear what this one-time leader in the New Age Movement witnessed firsthand and why he is issuing a wake-up cal ...…
You know him as the patriarch from Duck Dynasty. He joins us to expose 10 lies the devil has used to destroy America's soul. With personal narrative and folksy wisdom, he will offer 10 counter-truths that, if believed and acted on, would put God back into the culture and turn our country around, sharing the wholly transforming experience of God ...…
What do you do when a person says they’re a Christian but doesn’t know Jesus? Dean Inserra joins me to discuss this and more. Dean is the founding and lead pastor of CITYCHURCH. He was called to start a church in his hometown of Tallahassee when he was the Student Body President at Leon High School. Show Notes Twitter: @deaninserra Website: cit ...…
Stories from the Week Apple and Google Pressured to Dump Saudi App Where Men Track Women Relatives - The New York Times GOP livid with Trump over ignored Khashoggi report - POLITICO Religious Right Pundits: Chief Justice John Roberts a 'Disgrace' and a 'Hack' for Vote to Stay Anti-Abortion Law | Right Wing Watch The State of the Q-nion | Right ...…
Stories from the Week Apple and Google Pressured to Dump Saudi App Where Men Track Women Relatives - The New York Times GOP livid with Trump over ignored Khashoggi report - POLITICO Religious Right Pundits: Chief Justice John Roberts a 'Disgrace' and a 'Hack' for Vote to Stay Anti-Abortion Law | Right Wing Watch The State of the Q-nion | Right ...…
When the Little D is deployed to the frontier of the federation, nobody is initially suspicious that Jake Sisko seems to now be a Starlfleet Admiral. But when aliens we’ve never heard of threaten war with the Federation, it’s the diplomats you really have to be worried about. Is the Defiant on its way to Vertiform City? Why does Eddington want ...…
Matt Dillahunty with guest Shelley Segal. Musician Shelley Segal. Shelley Segal is an Australian singer and songwriter most known for music with secular themes.By (Atheist Experience TV).
February 17, 2019 This week we are happy to be joined by Fraser Cain, cohost of Astronomy Cast, publisher of Universe Today, Creator of the YouTube channel "Guide to Space". Fraser just put out a fantastic guide for amateur astronomy; The Universe Today, Ultimate Guide to Viewing the cosmos, Everything You Need to Know to Become an Amateur Astr ...…
Our featured atheist is Bethany. Bethany is an ex Jehovah's Witness, a mom, a Yapper, and well she's basically just the bomb. During her chat with Luke she talks about some of the weirdest moments knocking on doors, what if feels like when you lose your faith, and how to find your confidence when you don't have god. Luke opens the show talking ...…
Since the 1970s, mindfulness has become a widespread practice, used in business, hospitals, schools and the gym, going well beyond its original Hindu and Buddhist settings. So what’s happened to the spiritual content as mindfulness has gone mainstream?
The incredible host of The Atheist Experience is back after a hiatus of several years. Join us as we take a deeper look into who Matt Dillahunty is and how he feels about the current state of atheism. The ex military man talks about his hopes and fears towards atheism in the world of Donald Trump and we are happy to talk to him. ...…
US Supreme Court denies muslim man imam for execution, Christian school issues onerous dress code for annual dance, Pope Francis acknowledges sexual abuse of nuns, efforts to end religious exemptions for school vaccinations, Arizona has a problematic “In God We Trust” license plate program, polls of highly religious Americans skew depending on ...…
Tiffany Hudson, President of Atheists of Utah, joined us in-studio for a wide-ranging interview about her life, what led her to become an atheist activist, and to catch us up on all of the great things happening with Atheists of Utah. Patreon subscribers get early access to the show, clips from the cutting room floor, extended outtakes, and the ...…
Join us to hear the amazing true story of the Jesus Movement of the 1960s and 1970s! Learn how God powerfully revealed himself to young misfits, including one surfer from southern California, who rejected the "stuffy religion" of his parents' generation. Hear how this spiritual revival called a young teen, now an international evangelist, to tr ...…
Shelley Segal's links:BandCamp - Site - - - - - https://twi ...…
* Nobody Doubts Darwin They Say: Nobody qualified, anyway. Certainly no scientists! This week celebrating Darwin Day the Pew Research Center claimed that evolution, "is accepted by virtually all scientists" and a while back PBS promoted their series, "Evolution" claiming likewise that, "Virtually every scientist in the world believes the theory ...…
Please refrain from sending Hugo your old Hot Pocket boxes.Donate-'s Twitter- @PapaBirdJakeHugo's Twitter- @HugoReloadedOFFICIAL DICORD!- Logo Created By- Chris Cheape aka CheapeOneFront End/Back End Logos and Buttons Created by- Iskander Aminov aka @Izzy_IRATheme Song- "Hugo and ...…
Our Valentine's Day show with Shelley Segal, live from Chateau Bellevue in downtown Austin.
From the strangest corners of the internet, here to bring you opinions of the world from an altered perspective, The Drunken Peasants! Hosted by Benpai & Billy The Fridge.By supporting the podcast using any links below, you become a huge part of the reason the show continues and will gain access to a wide variety of perks including post-shows, ...…
A review of Dr. Dean Ornish and Anne Ornish’s new book, UnDo It! How Simple Lifestyle Changes Can Reverse Most Chronic Diseases. The four step program is eat well, move more, stress less, and love more. As Dr. Dean Ornish states, “A consensus is emerging that a whole-food plant-based diet is the healthiest way of eating.” The evidence is clear, ...…
This week on In The Market with Janet Parshall we heard how one woman made a choice to stand up for her Christian values against the culture of our day. We learned strategies for cutting costs without sacrificing quality of life. We boldly exposed the enemy’s tricks and schemes in our discussion on spiritual warfare. And we also shared some com ...…
On the program this week we discussed how to live with and love the narcissist in your life. We heard how God used the hippie counter-culture of the 60’s and 70’s to start a spiritual revival. We showed you how to take charge of your life by learning to say “No” at the right times and for the right reasons. We decluttered our heart, mind and so ...…
This episode is brought to you by our Patrons over at Their generous support makes this podcast possible. Today’s show is also brought to you by Audible. Audible is offering our listeners a free audiobook with a 30-day trial membership. To download your free audiobook today go to And ...…
Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.— Once again, an atheist invocation by an Arizona legislator was rebuked by a Christian who couldn’t handle it. (0:45)— An investigation found rampant abuse among Southern Baptist churches. (7:00)— A Nebraska lawmaker wants atheists to promot ...…
Tonight, we are joined by Hannibal & Monty, we see Warren officially run for president, we hear how great Trump's health is, we see AOC slam ICE, and more!#ElizabethWarren #AOC #News►BRAVE: the strangest corners of the internet, here to bring you opinions of the world from an altered perspective, The Drunken Peasant ...…
TRUMP MUG: out FEARLESS WEAR! Available for the next 3 days via @Teespring: & SUPPORT: AFRICAN SHEA BUTTER: http://www.AfricanSheaButter.orgPROTECTION KNIVES: http://www.protectionknives. ...…
Is every marriage doomed to experience one conflict after another? Certainly not, says our guest. He joins us today and will outline 10 specific choices you can make to minimize conflict and increase joy in your marriage. You can transform your relationship by learning to communicate accurately, choose forgiveness, and make decisions more effec ...…
Are you exhausted by the do-more, be-more life? Do you long to uncover your true self and your purpose in this world? Gardeners familiar with the technique called "pruning open" know that the secret to healthy plants and trees lies in subtracting rather than adding. Today learn how to declutter your heart, mind, and soul and learn how to let go ...…
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