Avenue Red Podcast #098 - Verdant Recordings


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Back for his third Avenue Red Podcast mix (and 4th including his contribution to the Avenue Red 1210 sister series), Verdant Recordings takes us on incredible trip away from earth, travelling through some beautiful and strange areas of outer space. This set will dazzle your mind if you let it in. Repeat listening is essential to truly absorb what is on offer here. "It's always a pleasure doing a mix for Avenue Red and I think I'm up to 4 with this set. Aspiring to keep it interesting, this one is a collection of gentler and alternative vibes for home listening. I hope it tweaks the neurones and ears as intended. Thanks again to Alec and all the contributors that make Avenue Red one of the more inspiring series for the heads." Andy Green, September 2017 https://soundcloud.com/verdant-recordings Avenue Red Podcast #078 - Verdant Recordings https://soundcloud.com/avenue-red/podcast-078-verdant-recordings Avenue Red Podcast #062 - Verdant Recordings https://soundcloud.com/avenue-red/podcast-062-verdant-recordings Avenue Red Podcast #041 - Verdant Recordings https://soundcloud.com/avenue-red/podcast-041-verdant-recordings Avenue Red 1210 Mk4 - Verdant Recordings https://soundcloud.com/avenue-red/1210-mk4-verdant-recordings TRIVIA: The image contains 2 photographs - the main one is a picture of Stromboli - an active volcano in Italy. The inset image is a real picture of the surface of Venus. It was taken by Venera 13, a Soviet spacecraft that landed on Venus in 1982.

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