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Welcome to Part 2 of our “Best Of” episode! Notice the “quotes” here; it’s not remotely possible to pick favorites amongst favorites. "Best Of" is just easier than typing, “a-sampling-of-some-of-my-beloved-booky-conversations-of-many-such-favorite-convos” on an album cover. (Did that even make sense?) Back in August of last year, when I put together Part 1 of this show, I couldn’t foresee the celeb authors who would soon join me and my guest co-hosts on air. Tom Hanks. Maria Shriver. Van Jones. Gabby Bernstein. Dean Koontz. Gretchen Rubin. Rob Bell. Danielle LaPorte. And more. They called into our conference line and met Glennon Doyle, Martha Beck, Dani Shapiro, Robert McKee, Leeza Gibbons... and me in the virtual green room for an hour+ of writerly love. Both my list of guests and guest co-hosts boggles the mind—at least my mind. Because outside of dominating the sock-out tournament on my third-grade school’s blacktop at recess, nothing has ever flowed more seamlessly or been more fun for me. These writers make me so happy. They're funny and smart and so ALIVE—as you can tell by their quick repartee. And, like me, they’re obsessed with words, paper, binding, fonts, black tea, blacker coffee, and butt-in-chair-finger-moving strategies as they attempt to heal themselves and the world. Every one of them feels lucky to make a living pulling words from the ether and onto the page, and thus doesn’t take their position or platform lightly. They relish sharing their creative wealth with our soulful, brilliant listenership—YOU!—which is why so many of them come back again and again to guest co-host. So. Sit back. Speakers up. Earmuffs on the kids (yep, swearing is a thing these days... especially on this episode!). And have notepads ready, unless you want to wait for the book. Odds are, the words, phrases, and ideas you love will be there for easy access for all eternity. Or until paper stops growing on trees—which might actually be a good thing—but don't tell anyone I said that. #conflictedtreehugger Here we go, beautiful. Yours, Linda P.S. Subscribe here and be the first to know when a new episode airs. Of course, you can find all our interviews below and over at www.beautifulwriterspodcast.com.

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