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Hello, I'm Danny B. Host of Belangers Brain Breach. Wee bit of context., 'Strong language at times" I enjoy talking, never use too. So in the face of toxic negativity and global attempt to take away our laughter, silliness and fun. I decided at this time the world needed, silliness, real non-fiction, fiction, laughter and commonality. Yes, I also sing out of key, drop karaoke tunes and read. I discuss just about anything and everything, mostly personal, some global, absolute randomness with a strong hint of humour. I've really no structure or theme, no manuscript nor foot notes. "Not that it really concerns me" Albeit, I'm new to this and opening up my chapters as I write. Subject matter is tender, dear to the heart, soulful, comical whilst others episodes right insane you'd think?? Lol My hopes is I start you on a positive healing journey, via my life experience, compassion, empathy, humor and respect for self, others and life.

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