17 - Transcending with Daniielle Alexis


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The one and only Daniielle Alexis is my superstar guest on episode 17 of Beneath the Surface (www.seanlavin.co/podcast). Daniielle’s personal journey is so powerful and I’m grateful for both how eager she was to share it, and how open and honest she allowed herself to be.

Daniielle is a trailblazing transgender actor, best known for lighting up our screens in 2017 on season 5 of Australian prison drama, Wentworth. To supplement her acting career, Daniielle lives the FIFO life, spending weeks at a time in the mining industry of Western Australia.

In this episode, Daniielle tells her inspirational story. We dive deep into the challenges and triumphs of life before and after her transition, FIFO life as a transgender woman and her aspirations of hitting the bigtime in Hollywood.

This one has it all - from laughter to tears and tragedy to triumph. Daniielle is proactively breaking down barriers spreading nothing but positivity in all that she does.

Reach out to Daniielle here :)

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