PotC packs | Too many boring ships out there! | Random preferences | Pirates with Ben Blog #57


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QOTD: How do you arrange your crew when playing? Do you put chips on the deckplate or keep any/all of them in their cards? Let me know!

Pack opening video I mentioned: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZP5lj0mVFZc


6 packs of PotC: https://goo.gl/FDqyzB

Other Pirates stuff from the same seller: https://goo.gl/x2gcmz

CC lot: https://goo.gl/6BfFPX

Card of the Day: http://www.miniaturetrading.com/im/selectCard/card_id/98857/cards_lang/

And yup, apparently Schooner and +1 to boarding rolls are the two most common ship abilities in the game. XD


You’re better off getting a nice lot of DJC than the Mocha by herself: http://www.wholesalegaming.biz/pirates/piratesdavyjones4boxlot2/

Picture of the Day: https://postimg.cc/image/aiq7sm1qn/

The fleet: http://www.miniaturetrading.com/im/showDeck/deck_id/755424/grouping/0/extended_format/true

36 pack box of Ocean’s Edge for $39.99 with free shipping: https://goo.gl/KXKEXa

36 pack box of Revolution for $69.99 with free shipping: https://goo.gl/gc28QV

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