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The team at Tabletop Gaming chat about board games, card games, miniatures, wargames, RPGs and more! For more from Tabletop Gaming, visit
Join the Warhammer Community team, and special guests, for a regular look at the latest news for Warhammer Age of Sigmar, the fantasy miniatures game. We'll have shows on the latest releases, news and reveals, as well as interviews with Warhammer Studio personalities, expert gamers, skilled painters and inspirational hobbyists from the community. Join us every week on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday for a new episode.
The 'Double Skulls Podcast' is a gaming podcast that centres around the GW game 'Blood Bowl' focusing on league play & UK tournaments among other general gaming discussion. *EXPLICIT CONTENT*
MJ, Fallon, Roy, Bec and Audrey have three things in common: they're lesbians, they frequently get intensely emotional about stupid fictional characters, and they just damn love tabletop RPGs. Join us as they battle the twin demons of a fictional fantasy universe, and the mere notion of recording a podcast for the first time in any of their lives, wow, they'll just let anyone do this, huh?
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Warhammer Loremaster Phil Kelly talks about the development of the Warhammer Age of Sigmar background and the opportunities for writers in this setting.
Background writer Andy Clark talks about some of Warhammer Age of Sigmar projects and battletomes he has worked on during his time in the Design Studio, including the new Battletome: Gloomspite Gitz.
Background writer and Black Library author Nick Horth describes his somewhat unconventional route into writing battletomes and Warhammer games, and how he goes about creating lore, locations and characters set in the Mortal Realms.
Background writer and Black Library author Nick Horth describes his somewhat unconventional route into writing battletomes and Warhammer games, and how he goes about creating lore, locations and characters set in the Mortal Realms.
In this uncharacteristically unsatisfying quickie of an episode, Johnny and Dan bang on about the upcoming UKTC tournament, the looming colossus that is the NAF World Cup, and all the latest goings on in the Derby Blood Bowl League!
Games developer Sam Pearson explains how the Design Studio team writes rules and battletomes for Warhammer Age of Sigmar, and how he approached writing the rules in the Battletome: Beasts of Chaos book.
Tabletop Gaming editor Matt Jarvis is joined by James Wallis and Dan Jolin to see out 2018 with their selection of the games that stood out over the last 12 months and what theyre looking forward to in 2019Introoutro music by chasergaming
Tabletop Gaming editor Matt Jarvis is joined by Owen Duffy Richard JansenParkes and Alex Sonechkina to run through some of the best games that had them coming back to the table time after time this yearIntrooutro music by chasergaming
StormCast has been reforged! Wade Pryce introduces a new season of the official Warhammer Age of Sigmar podcast with a new format. His first guest, veteran games developer Jervis Johnson, talks about the craft of game design, his thirty year career writing Warhammer games and the development of the latest edition of Warhammer Age of Sigmar.…
This game Dan and Johny discuss the latest GW releases, Eurobowl 2018, Stranglebowl and all sorts of other Blood Bowl nonsense. Johnny does his (in)famous David Bowie impression as well. Probably worth a listen just for that.
Matt Jarvis James Wallis and Owen Duffy quickly run through what theyve been playing at this years Essen Spiel in Germany and what they hope to play during the rest of the game fair Plus we indulge in quirky dice designs the joy of woodenblocks and the deluge of rollandwrite Tetrisalikes
Matt Jarvis James Wallis Richard JansenParkes and Owen Duffy chat onstage at this years Tabletop Gaming Live convention about KeyForge Holding On Dice Hospital Forbidden Sky and more Plus discussion of dungeons and sometimes dragons dinner trays of terrorists and other nonsense
This episode was not only recorded late but has been released very late due to all sorts of real life shite. In it, Johnny and Dan discuss all sorts of old news and announce the winners of's painting competition winners!
It's a bold new age for the Seraphon – with new summoning mechanics to master, a host of changed points costs and several reliable strategies out the window, we're looking at how best to play them in the new edition:
In this episode, we set out to conclusively and objectively prove which character in Warhammer Age of Sigmar is the coolest of them all. Things quickly get out of hand...
Scenery designer Ray sits down with Duncan and Diarmuid to chat about hobby products for Warhammer Age of Sigmar:
Curious about using the Realms of Battle rules in your matched play games? We caught up with Jervis Johnson and Ben Johnson to get their thoughts...
Got a mate you want to introduce to Warhammer Age of Sigmar? Check out this episode for our top tips:
In this episode, Duncan, Rhu and Diarmuid take a closer look at the Realm of Fire, from less explored regions to themed armies you might want to try...
We caught up with Diarmuid and Rhu to get their top tips on organising a Skirmish campaign with your mates.
Martin joins us once more to look at Khorne in the new edition, with some top tips for your army.
From summoning to spellcasting – this episode is all about the servants of Tzeentch and how you can make the most of them in the new edition.
In today's episode, we're chatting to Martin about his plans for his Stormcast Eternals army in the wake of the new battletome.
We're joined on this episode by Warhammer TV's Dan to get his top tips on the best lists, armies and units in the new edition.
In this episode, we look ahead to the Warhammer Age of Sigmar 24-hour Live-stream with varying degrees of trepidation and excitement....
Duncan and Peachy join us for a special episode on theming your armies – if the new edition has you starting a new force, make sure to check out their top tips...
In the last of our General's Handbook 2018 previews, we're taking a look at how Chaos will fare in the new edition while Rhu tries to derail the podcast to talk about beastmen.
We've got our hands on the latest General's Handbook – and in this episode, we're taking you through just what's in it, from aerial battles, to new narrative rules, to much more.
So what's all this "Soul Wars" stuff about then? Join us as we catch up with Phil Kelly on the value of souls in the Mortal Realms, and check out Ben Johnson's insights into the Flesh-eater Courts.
We've got our hands on a copy of Soul Wars – the latest and greatest boxed set for Warhammer Age of Sigmar. Join our Podcast Eternals as they get stuck into what's inside with Ben Johnson and discuss the models with designer Ben Jefferson.
In this episode Johnny and Dan discuss the recent NAFC, all of Johnny's foreign exploits, all the latest news in the world of Blood Bowl and why Ogres are fucking shite.
On the last day of this years UK Games Expo we once again gather to discuss our favourite picks from the show floor This time writer Alex Sonechkina and designer Holly Gramazio let us know whats been interesting them as well as discussing the experience of actually exhibiting at a convention
Tabletop Gaming editor Matt Jarvis is joined by writers and reviewers Dan Jolin Owen Duffy and Sam Illingworth to chat about whats taken their fancy at this years UK Games Expo Including discussion of Wildlands Holding On The Troubled Life of Billy Kerr Fog of Love 1066 Tears to Many Mothers DomiNations and more…
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