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Pokemon Adventures in the Millennium is a Pokemon Tabletop United actual play set in the Sinnoh Region! DMed by Tanner, who oversees the zany adventures of Belle (Lindsay), Gabriel (Duncan), and Julian (Ryan), along with their group of equaly zany pokemon. Act 1: Prehistoric Pandemonium (Episodes 1-10), Act 2: Road to Barboachella (Episodes 11-23), Act 3: Child's Play (Episodes 24-Ongoing) Current Teams Belle Nidorina (Myra), Ponyta (Billy), Gible (Calamity), Lileep (Sundance), Honedge (Sigurd), Duskull (Sadie), Tyrogue (Dillinger), Eevee (Cassidy), Horsea (Bonny) Gabriel Krabby (Claw Bearer), Bronzor (Braun), Dewpider (Pinfall), Machop (Rock Lesnar), Anorith (Buggy Rogers), Swadloon (Flair), Kangaskhan (Rowdy), Mime Jr. (Doink) Julian Litten (Erik), Joltik (Charge Plug), Meditite (Lee), Larvitar (Jade), Grotle (Daisy), Ralts (Ashley), Porygon (Bebop), Absol (Cait Sith) Aerodactyl (Rocksteady) Out of Party: At The Ranch: Nincada (RVD), Zubat (High Flyer), Noibat (Wyatt), Seel (Klondike), Budew (Tex), Sableye (Pearl), Chatot (Melody),

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