How to Enjoy Disagreeing With People


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We invite Ilyas Kassam from Karl Marx Does The Washing Up to discuss why disagreements get everyone so worked up. Has Social Media really made our echo chambers worse than when we lived in small villages?

Is arguing online merely filling the lonely void since we left those villages? Is it part of our need to make our mark on the world, or make sense of the chaos?

How do we make these communities, and our conversations more productive and positive? Is argument and disagreement a negative thing?

Is it possible or desirable to win a debate?

Is the need for persuasion a symptom of an ego-driven shouting into the void?

Does shouting "Racist!" at someone really make the world less racist, or is it just you screaming your own prosocial behaviour when there's a more persuasive and nuanced conversation to be had.

Is the Left more nuanced than the Right, or does everyone think their side is more nuanced, because they understand it better?

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