History Hates Hollywood: Agora (2009)


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Title: History Hates Hollywood: Agora (2009)

Description: For the next few weeks and months, I will have a series I did in collaboration with Scott Rank of the History Unplugged Podcast. We are calling this series History Hates Hollywood. In this series, we take some of the history based movies we love and we hate the most and put them on trial. We talk about a wide range of movies from different historical periods. Our first History Hates Hollywood is where we left of on our last Beyond the Big Screen: 2009 movie Agora. Agora from 2009 is about the situation with Hypatia of Alexandria and the Christians. If you want to hear a very detailed background and discussion of the movie, you can relisten to the episode I did with Jonathan of the history of the Copts podcast. I held back my opinions of the movie as best as I could. In this episode with Scott Rank, I’ll let you know what I really think about the movie!

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Agora (2009) With The History of the Copts


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