BRR Ep 69 Nosh Mistry Part I on the Long Way Home


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Wrap your head around this one; he’s an athlete, a keyboardist, a coder, a financial analyst, a guitarist, a hiker, a biker a national medal winning racing cycler, a father, a son, a husband a friend, a photographer, a music producer, a painter and them some. He’s walked for weeks on end among glaciers signing off on a no rescue agreement with the army. He’s ridden for 7 weeks across the Himalayas, then completed a 5 day rigorous Raid De Himalaya before embarking on a journey from Kashmir to Australia, halfway meeting up with his wife and his 10 year old daughter who ride alongside him across South East Asia to fulfil a bucket list road trip.

A professional photographer, he prefers anonymity for himself and his family and keeps himself maddeningly busy with an array of interests and sport. each more interesting than the other. Please welcome our guest from Sydney, Australia, the uniquely talented man for all seasons, Nosh Mistry.

Also featuring Firoze Mistry on the #LongWayHome and Anita Krishnan on #MyWay.
Music for show Imaging :
Erik Borges : Oasis - To Be Where There’s Life cover
Little Green – Down Under cover
Thomas 75s - Black magic woman cover
Hamesha : SaNj The Band
Nosh Mistry Eternity to Eternity
Floyd Duo – Pink Floyd covers

Photos courtesy: Nosh and Firoze Mistry
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