Bisexual Brunch - Is LGBT virtue signaling without substance worthless? Is Superman bi enough? A personal story from a bi man in a gay facing relationship and what do we feel about bisexuals being fetishised?


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History in the making! This is the UK's first regular mainstream show for bisexuals. Hosted by bi activist and writer Lewis Oakley and bisexual journalists Nichi Hodgson and Ashley Byrne, Bisexual Brunch is a unique podcast for people from all over the world who identify as bi to come together and celebrate their sexuality. Bisexual Brunch along with Nichi, Ashley and Lewis were recently included in the UK Pride Power List 2021!
In this edition Nichi, Ashley and Lewis discuss whether the new bisexual Superman is really bi enough? We're disappointed by the continued lack of real portrayal of bi lifestyles in UK soaps and dramas, the bisexual journey story is from a bi man in a gay facing relationship and in our second Ask a Bisexual feature we discuss when fetishization of bi people is a good thing and when it's not.

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