B&P #20: Angela Ahrendts: Leading with Intuition to create Impact


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The female executive about what led her from Burberry to the top at Apple

In this podcast episode, you’ll hear from one of the leading female executives in the business world: Angela Ahrendts, the longtime Head of Retail at Apple where she became the highest-paid executive and made double of what CEO Tim Cook made. Before that, she was CEO at British luxury fashion label Burberry. In conversation with Bits & Pretzels' Britta Weddeling Angela spoke about the leading principles that have shaped her career and how she rose from a small town in Indiana to the top of Silicon Valley and what advice she has for entrepreneurs in the current crisis.During Corona, which forces all founders to adapt quickly, Angela’s ideas around leadership and intuition could give guidance of how to deal with the current uncertainties and specifically about what role your gut feeling can play in moving forward. We've met Angela just days before the lockdown in Silicon Valley, in the Cordevalle Golf Club, a private golf course and spa resort, located southeast of where you drive through a huge iron gate all along well trimmed green grass before you enter an impressive wooden lobby and are greeted by a hostess. Even in this luxury environment Angela stands out. The room for the podcast conversation that overlooked the whole golf course was booked under her maiden name for privacy reasons …

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Britta Weddeling (@bweddeling), Editor-in-Chief of Bits & Pretzels (@bitsandpretzels)


Angela Ahrendt, former SVP Apple Retail, CEO Burberry


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