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Twice monthly music and entertainment from Renaissance festivals with Celtic music, Irish folk music, Scottish bagpipes, English folk, Gypsy music, Pirate, Sea Shanty, Renaissance music, and comedy from groups performing this week at a faire near you.
#SydneyWritersFestival is Australia's largest celebration of literature, stories and ideas. Every year, we bring together the world's best authors, leading public intellectuals, scientists, journalists and more.Subscribe to this channel for exclusive talks from some of our biggest events.
Brody Stevens is a whirlwind of comedic talent. Join Brody as he assesses his life and moves forward to a future of POSITIVE ENERGY! Yes!
Aspen Public Radio is proud to continue its long-term partnership with The Aspen Institute to bring you another summer of informative and stimulating keynote lectures from the 2015 Aspen Ideas Festival.
Boom Festival
http://www.boomfestival.orgBoom sees itself as amplifier and a converter of concepts and we take that responsibility dearly in every single step we plan. Within this vast “ocean” of consciousness Boom is a lighthouse of sanity, ethic responsibility and a building block for the future to come.
Timothy Plain and Alrik Bursell discuss independent filmmaking, everything from writing, producing and directing to working as crew. But this is not just a podcast about "making it," it's also about struggling with rejection, self-doubt and everything else that comes with pursuing a career in film. Follow along as we forge our own way through the industry and talk to guests who are also making it happen.
Austin Film Festival's On Story Podcast is the companion to Austin Film Festival's television show, On Story. Get an uncensored inside look at the creative process of filmmaking through the eyes of some of the entertainment industry's most prolific writers, directors and producers.
The show covers the world film festivals, indie film makers, producers, actors, along with TV personalities.
Get closer to the Edinburgh International Festival with FestivalSoundBites from Explore the music with introductions, interviews and clips from the artists involved.
The Bawdy side of the Renaissance Festival.
Podcast by Christopher Holland
2d Festival Podcast
Welcome to the Festival of the Spoken Nerd: Extra Time for Questions Podcast. Festival of the Spoken Nerd is a celebration of science, comedy, music, maths and unashamed geekiness. It's a variety show for the fearlessly inquisitive: artists, scientists, comedy fans, and anyone in between. It's hosted by three of London's best (and nerdiest) performers, who have all appeared as guests on BBC television and radio - musical comedian and physics graduate Helen Arney, stand-up mathematician and F ...
Podcast by Auckland Writers Festival
The Cambridge Festival of Ideas is an annual event which takes place every autumn, open to and aimed at the general public. The Guardian is the festival's national media partner. A series of talks take place every evening, which are recorded and made available for download on the Culture section of the Guardian website
A weekly podcast from comedian Chris Lamberth.
WNYC is partnering with the Tribeca Film Festival for the second year in a row to bring exclusive recordings of panels, discussions and interviews straight to your podcast feed. Hear conversations about the festival’s selected films, as well as the entertainment industry at large, with such luminary voices as George Lucas, Courtney Love, and Christopher Nolan. Find the full selection of talks here, along with 2014’s panels, and subscribe to the podcast to hear them all.
Sparky chatter and peformances from top comedians, plus insightful analysis from Guardian critics. Featuring the best acts rom the Edinburgh Festival 2009. Recorded live every day at the Gilded Balloon, hosted by Miles Jupp and featuring last year's if.comedy best newcomer Sarah Millican
SunsetCast Media System
The Texas Tribune Festival is an innovative and engaging three-day event for people who are passionate about the issues that affect all Texans. Each year, the Festival brings together some of the biggest names in politics to explore the state’s — and nation’s — most pressing issues.
It's the 'Ask The Festival Lawyer' Podcast A bi-weekly show where The Festival Lawyer (AKA Cameron Bowman) and DJ Lazer Beahm (AKA Jason Beahm) discuss legal topics and trends surrounding the festival and nightlife communities. "What do I do if a police officer wants to search my bag?" "When do the police need a search warrant to search my car?" "If my friend is having a bad trip and I take her to the medical tent, will I get arrested?" Got a question? Ask The Festival Lawyer!
What has evolution got to do with us? Bringing some of the world's top minds to Cambridge, the DarwinFestival celebrates the enduring influence of Darwin's ideas 150 years after the publication of The Origin of Species, the bookthat rewrote the way we see the world.
The Sydney Comedy Festival is Sydney's biggest annual comedy event. 85000 people will go see the biggest international stars & the most promising new talent. Kyran Wheatley is going to try to interview them all - the comedians obviously, not the punters. SUBSCRIBE!
This is where we chronicle LSFF
Scarlot Harlot coined the term "sex work" in the late 70s. Documenting the Bay Area's multicultural and sexually diverse political and artistic communities, Scarlot Harlot explores the Bay Area's historic cultural and artistic underground from an irreverent and intimate point of view. In a time when mainstream media has become a mouthpiece for corporate interests in America, Scarlot Harlot provides a fresh, irreverent perspective.
Listen to a collection of some of the best shows live from Dave's Leicester Comedy Festival, including The UK Pun Championship, Comedy Blind Date and Leicester's Funny Side. Podcasts from our Festivals around the world
The Calgary Folk Music Festival (CFMF) podcast series is a half hour, bi-weekly broadcast dedicated to telling the story of folk festival artists, staff, volunteers, society members and staff. The podcast series brings together the music and stories of musicians the festival has featured in its last 30 years with an emphasis on shared experiences and collaborations. Podcasts will also focus on artists who are performing in our concert series and upcoming festival as well as highlighting musi ...
Interviews with artists performing on the 2017 Switchboard Music Festival - June 10, 3-9pm ZSpace // 450 Florida Street, San Francisco
The Boston Comedy Festival aspires to be the best multi-day comedy event in New England. This four-day event is committed to bringing the New England community together through both live and filmed comedy. The festival promotes smiles, laughter, and an all-around good time through its display of comedic performance. The Boston Comedy Festival Podcast is hosted by Boston Comedian Jim McCue who talks shop with top comedians from around the world.
The Vulture Festival Podcast, features the interviews and panel discussions from the 2016 Vulture Festival, held May 21st & 22nd in New York City.
The Science Festival aims to provide the public with opportunities to explore and discuss issues of scientific interest and concern and to raise aspirations by encouraging young people to consider a career in science, technology, engineering or mathematics.
The Science Festival provides the public with opportunities to explore and discuss issues of scientific interest and concern and to raise aspirations by encouraging young people to consider a career in science, technology, engineering or mathematics.Each year, the Festival welcomes visitors to hundreds of events and receives extensive national and local media coverage. Over 170 event coordinators organise talks, interactive demonstrations, hands-on activities, film showings and debates with ...
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Send festive greetings to millions around the world in 24 languages
Film Festival Hacks Podcast pulls back the curtain on the mysterious world of film festivals and explores the festival circuit from both sides of the badge. Hosts Alex Ferrari ( is an award winning filmmaker with nearly 600 international film festivals under his belt. He’s joined by Chris Holland (, author of Film Festival Secrets: A Handbook for Independent Filmmakers who has worked closely with more than 200 film festivals including Sunda ...
Every year in June, the International Festival of Arts & Ideas bring together a diverse group of artists, writers, thinkers and world leaders to discuss the most pressing issues in art, society, politics and the environment. Every other week through out the year we share with our web audience our featured broadcasts of these events. Our eclectic program offers a mix of serious, controversial, and whimsical topics, all designed to inspire new ways of thinking.
Southeast Asia’s most celebrated literary and artistic event, Ubud Writers & Readers Festival brings together the world’s leading authors, artists, thinkers and performers for five days of big ideas and extraordinary stories. In our podcast series, listen in to stories as told from the UWRF stage.
Coverage of New Zealand Writers' Festivals.
The Feasts of ADONAI are dress rehearsals of Messianic Redemption. Our LORD Yeshua has literally and prophetically fulfilled the first four of the seven feasts mentioned in Leviticus 23; it is my belief that the Torah teaches that he will, likewise, literally and prophetically fulfill the final three at his soon to be second arrival. As the children of Avraham willingly and faithfully lived out HaShem’s yearly cycle of “mo-eydeem,” the Spirit of the Holy One graciously opened their hearts to ...
The Feasts of ADONAI are dress rehearsals of Messianic Redemption. Our LORD Yeshua has literally and prophetically fulfilled the first four of the seven feasts mentioned in Leviticus 23; it is my belief that the Torah teaches that he will, likewise, literally and prophetically fulfill the final three at his soon to be second arrival. As the children of Avraham willingly and faithfully lived out HaShem’s yearly cycle of “mo-eydeem,” the Spirit of the Holy One graciously opened their hearts to ...
A festival of music by classical musicians in the town of Cortland, NY USA. The festivals are part of a series that utilize the talents of local professional, semi-professional, amateur and student musicians. There are plans for four events each year, organized by Cortland Music. Typically, festivals take place in a local coffeehouse, but the summer festival is held outdoors in the Courthouse Park. Other local events are also included in this podcast. They may organized by Cortland Music or ...
Johnny Vegas gives his tips for the Cheltenham National Hunt Festival all in aid of Comic Relief
Festival City is a podcast from Edinburgh, the world capital of theatre and comedy, and home to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe — the largest arts festival in the world. Hosted by theatre editor and critic Gareth K Vile, we welcome guest performers, directors and writers into The List's attic recording studio to talk theatre, comedy, dance and anything else that takes our fancy. As well as sharing the world of the Edinburgh Fringe with our far-flung listeners, we’ll be talking to arts programm ...
Boston Book Festival
Featuring the best audio content from the Boston Book Festival, New England's largest literary event, held annually in October in Boston's historic Copley Square.
The Sydney Comedy Festival is Sydney's biggest annual comedy event. Over 110,000 people will go see the biggest international stars & the most promising new talent. Kyran Wheatley is going to try to interview them all - the comedians obviously, not the punters. SUBSCRIBE!
The podcast of the Brighton Festival radio show brought to you by RadioReverb - the Broadcast Media Partner for Brighton Festival 2018.
Welcome to the Rhythmtree.A festival world of music.Friday 20th, Saturday 21st, and Sunday 22nd of July 2012Three Gates Farm Calbourne Isle of Wight PO30 4NA.The Rhythmtree combines a diverse repertoire of world influenced music and a small festival atmosphere for those who want to discover something very different in the UK festival scene.Not afraid to surprise and intrigue this small event has developed its own unique style which has already created a loyal following in only its third year ...
Ian and Nikki take a look at the world of comics & pop culture reviewing comic books & movies as well as interviewing big names from the comic industry every episode.
Auckland Writers Festival is New Zealand’s premiere festival of books and ideas, delivering a vibrant programme of events each May. The world’s writers and thinkers explore ideas, share stories, debate issues, perform, entertain crowds and generate brilliant conversations about fiction, non-fiction, science, economics, politics, music, the media, film, art, history, poetry, religion and much more Subscribe to this channel for exclusive talks from some of our biggest events.
Hay Festival lectures
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At least 70 infants have been ordered to appear in immigration court after being separated from their parents.
This week on On Story we’re exploring two of the most popular movie genres: action and comedy. First we’ll hear from the writers behind massive action hits Deadpool, Gone in Sixty Seconds, and Armageddon. And later, we’ll lighten the mood with a conversation with There’s Something About Mary co-writer and director Bobby Farrelly. Action scenes ...…
President Donald Trump's performance alongside Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday is drawing sharp reactions from some Texans in Congress and muted ones from
In these uncertain times, what can Americans learn and how can we move forward to protect our most precious values? Timothy Snyder discusses his new book, exploring the lessons learned from the rise of the Russian oligarchy which crushed their burgeoning democracy at the end of the Cold War.
Candidates for Congress recently filed their second-quarter fundraising reports. In some districts, Democratic candidates raised more than double what the Republican incumbents
Chris Ford is an advertising writer and Creative Director. Ten years ago, he took a break from agency life to make a feature film, The Village Barbershop starring John Ratzenberger (Cheers). He hasn't made another film since. We talk to him about the geneBy (Timothy Plain & Alrik Bursell Filmmakers | Filmmaking | Producing | Screenwriting | Directing | Acting | Films | Film Festivals | Indie Film |).
State and reproductive rights attorneys are scheduled to be in federal court again today to argue whether Texas should make health providers cremate or bury fetal remains. Also in today's podcast, a Salvadoran mother and her 16-year-old daughter — separated by U.S. authorities in mid-May — were finally reunited in Corpus Christi Friday. Tears d ...…
We are proud to of had crime novelist Ian Rankin on this episode. The creator of the Rebus novels, he came on to chat about his career, his love of comics and in particular his work with Sean Phillips on the Trace of the Great War anthology coming out this October. He will be at the Lakes International Comic Arts Festival this year as well alon ...…
We've all heard the Star Spangled Banner butchered, chopped and massacred. But Ruth Pointer of the legendary Pointer Sisters, shares advice on how to sing the National Anthem with respect, dignity and grace. Aspirng singers, listen up and take notes!
Superstar neuroscientist David Eagleman’s latest book, co-authored with composer Anthony Brandt, is The Runaway Species: How Human Creativity Remakes The World. In it, the pair weave together the sciences and the arts to explore human inventiveness, and put the case for novelty. Join Eagleman, Creative Fellow of the Creative Thinking Project ba ...…
The federal government completed its first round of family reunifications, but 45 percent of the children involved were not reconnected with the adults who brought them into the United
This week, writer-director Ric Roman Waugh and producer Jonathan King discuss their film, Shot Caller, followed by Oscar® nominated writer Frank Darabont detailing the process behind adapting Stephen King’s novel turned award-winning iconic film, The Shawshank Redemption. Ric Roman Waugh has written numerous studio-based feature film screenplay ...…
Despite the federal government's Tuesday deadline, dozens of immigrant children under 5 years old remain separated from their families. Also in today's episode, professors with the University of Texas at Austin plan to argue before the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans on the effect that guns on campus have on free speech. List ...…
At a federal court hearing in California on Monday, a government lawyer said that nearly half of the 100 migrant children the federal government plans to reunite with their families won't be reunited by the Tuesday
An assistant director is a key crew member and one that's often misunderstood by people outside the industry. Hilton Day tells us what he's learned about assistant directing over the last 6 years including his work on "Sorry to Bother You"By (Alrik and Timothy).
It will be especially difficult to reunite toddlers with parents who may have been released into the interior United States or even deported back to their home countries, government attorneys argued.
VISIT OUR SPONSORS: Louisiana Renaissance Festival Renaissance Magazine SONGS Dame Fortune performed by Gibbon the Troubadour from Ode of the Troubadour Milk and Honey performed by Lauren Mettler from A Handful of Soil The Moat Blood Red Roses performed by Musical Blades from Modern Day Pirate Greenland Whalers performed by The Jolly Rogers fro ...…
As the humanitarian crisis on the U.S.-Mexico border comes more into focus, Trump administration officials insist that there is a "right way" for families fleeing persecution to seek asylum in the United States: Come to an official port of entry. But such families are still finding themselves in a lot of trouble.…
U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, said Mexican President-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador, 64, had been running on an “anti-American campaign for a long, long time.”
On this week’s special podcast, Everybody Loves Raymond Executive Producer and Somebody Feed Phil creator and host Phil Rosenthal – will discuss the common thread between travel shows and sitcoms, the unifying power of food and the late great Anthony Bourdain. In 1995 Phil Rosenthal created the hit CBS comedy Everybody Loves Raymond. He served ...…
This week, Oscar®-nominated writer Randall Wallace reflects on his iconic and Academy Award®-winning film, Braveheart followed by screenwriter, Jeb Stuart who dissects the screenplay for his classic thriller The Fugitive, and fills us in on the story's journey from script to screen. Randall Wallace is the Oscar®-nominated creative force behind ...…
Poland and Texas have comparable populations, conservative governments and stringent anti-abortion policies. But they differ significantly in how health care is delivered for women — and in the role they allow midwives to play in the childbirth process.www.texastribune.otg
Remi Lacoste is a game director that just wrapped the upcoming "Shadow of the Tomb Raider." He shares insights into the production of video games and how he achieves some of the most cinematic and emotional storytelling happening in games today.By (Timothy Plain & Alrik Bursell Filmmakers | Filmmaking | Producing | Screenwriting | Directing | Acting | Films | Film Festivals | Indie Film |).
Many Rio Grande Valley residents have farmed land along the border fence for decades. On hot summer days, they mow their lawns and repair trucks, take care of ailing relatives and sip coffee at local convenience stores. What they don’t do, they say, is worry about a crisis at the…
This episode is sponsored by Goof! comics. Get two months free for a limited time only using this link. Go to That's twelve comics for the price of ten for a limited time only.This episode we visited Macc Pow in Macclesfield. Nikki stood behind the table selling comics for the first time and I had a great chat with man ...…
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton demanded Fort Worth ISD Superintendent Kent Scribner turn over a copy of a sixth-grade health curriculum that includes lessons on sexual orientation and gender
The state's two U.S. senators are likely to play pivotal roles in what is expected to be a politically explosive confirmation
On this week’s episode, second generation actor Ed Begley Jr. talks about what he looks for when choosing new projects, finding the pain in a character, working with Christopher Guest and other comedy legends. Ed Begley Jr. has performed in hundreds of movies and television shows, including An Officer and a Gentleman, St. Elsewhere, This Is Spi ...…
The federal court said all children must be returned to their families within 30 days. Children under 5 must be reunited with parents within 14
A group of undocumented immigrant parents released from federal custody on Monday told reporters that despite the government's glossy spin on how families will be reunited, they aren't too optimistic they'll see their children anytime soon.
Alrik catches us up on his directing career. Timothy shares a new approach he's taken to writing and some decisions he's made about what filmmaking after 40s looks like for him.By (Timothy Plain & Alrik Bursell Filmmakers | Filmmaking | Producing | Screenwriting | Directing | Acting | Films | Film Festivals | Indie Film |).
Joined by a senator from New Mexico, the two Texas congressmen got a short tour of the detention camp and said nearly 300 minors are there, including some whose parents have been deported to their home countries. The tour came hours before the Trump administration said it has a plan to reunite more than 2,000 migrant children still in federal c ...…
VISIT OUR SPONSORS: Louisiana Renaissance Festival Renaissance Magazine SONGS Eisbarentanz performed by Wolgemut from Schauspeluden II How Can I Keep from Singing performed by Lady Prudence from All's Faire Why Do You Torture Me performed by Marc Gunn Do Virgins Taste Better Medley performed by Brobdingnagian Bards from Dragons and Virgins Rais ...…
More than 2,000 children have been separated from their families at the border. Here's the latest on what's happening at the border, in Washington and among Texas politicians.
My Neighbour returns with the hardest Ghibli movie yet. We've put off doing this episode as the film is so so hard to watch. We watch Grave of the Fireflies. Let us know how you felt when watching it for shout outs next episode. Thank you for listening.http://www.comicartpodcast.ukTwitter: @comicartfestpodFacebook: ComicArtPodcastInstagram: Com ...…
Male Republicans support separating families trying to cross illegally into the U.S. from Mexico, but most other groups — and Texas voters overall — do not, according to the latest University of Texas/Texas Tribune
This week on On Story, we’ll hear from podcast pioneers on breaking into a new medium and adapting audio stories for television. And later, we’ll hear from rising television talent, Misha Green, on her work co-creating the critically acclaimed, genre-bending drama Underground. Narrative fiction podcasts have updated the radio drama with a moder ...…
Legendary musician, documentary maker and feature writer Moana Maniapoto (Ngāti Tūwharetoa/Tu hourangi-Ngāti Wahiao) joins Tama Waipara in the Heartland Festival Room for an hour of chat and music. With her band Moana & the Tribe she has performed around the world, sharing her “blend of traditional and contemporary styles without compromising e ...…
There is increasing political and policy concern at the U.S. Capitol over the Trump administration's policy of separating immigrant children from their parents at the Texas-Mexico
ProPublica has obtained audio from inside a U.S. Customs and Border Protection facility in which children can be heard wailing as an agent jokes, “We have an orchestra here.”
Bay Area director Pete Lee dreams of highlighting modern issues through martial arts storytelling. His latest short "Don't Be A Hero" was nominated for a Grand Jury prize at both SXSW and Sundance and he's now working on a feature-length action movie.By (Timothy Plain & Alrik Bursell Filmmakers | Filmmaking | Producing | Screenwriting | Directing | Acting | Films | Film Festivals | Indie Film |).
Days after a tent city went up near El Paso, demonstrators near the facility took aim at the Trump administration's policy of separating immigrant children from parents who were seeking
Chris sits down with sports writer Morgan Campbell. They talk about casino shows, aging rappers, and the NFL. Website: Morgan Campbell Toronto Star Morgan’s TED X Talk Patreon: Mundane Festival Twitter: @MorganPCampbell @MundaneFestival @ChrisLamberth Email:…
Matt Garvey is our guest on todays episode. He has written a whole host of comics including The Either, Chunks, White Noir and The Devil in Disguise. We talk about how he got into writing comics and how he goes about promoting them. Ensure you check him out on twitter as he is well worth the follow.We talk about the new kick starter from Little ...…
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services confirmed Thursday it has selected Tornillo as a site to house immigrant children separated from their parents under the Trump administration's "zero tolerance"
The bestselling An American Marriage by Tayari Jones traces the lives of Roy, a black man wrongly convicted of rape, and his wife, Celestial. Widely lauded since its release, it became an official Book Club selection of Oprah Winfrey, who enthused: “It’s among Tayari's many gifts that she can touch us soul to soul with her words – and that thos ...…
Vice President Mike Pence, speaking Dallas Wednesday, promised the Trump administration would not be fooled by North Korea's recent promise to work toward denuclearization.
This week, the indie filmmakers behind Transformer, Don't Talk to Irene and Mr Fish: Cartooning From the Deep End discuss their journey from initial concept to ultimately producing and screening their award winning films in Austin Film Festival's film competition this past year. We begin the show with last year's powerful Documentary Feature Ju ...…
Jenny Zhang’s debut collection of short stories establishes her as a subversive interpreter of the immigrant experience, and one which New York calls “one of the knockout fiction debuts of the year”. The first book acquired by Random House’s Lenny imprint, Sour Heart is narrated by the daughters of Chinese immigrants struggling to stay afloat i ...…
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is considering several Texas military bases as sites for tent cities to house thousands of immigrant children separated from their parents, per
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