B&P #51: Did Zoom grow too fast?


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Harry Moseley, Zoom’s Chief Information Officer, about how the video communication platform dealt with a sudden growth overnight due to Covid-19, as well as the related challenges

If you had to name one company that during the current pandemic quickly became an essential part of all of our lives – it would very likely have to be Zoom!

And this week on the podcast we welcome the executive who is at the center of that crazy growth story: Harry Moseley, Zoom’s Global Chief Information Officer.

But a sudden growth doesn’t come without a cost - Harry also shared how Zoom was dealing with the difficulties of growing exponentially during this crisis, what at times felt like putting new engines on a flying airplane, and what founders can learn from that experience:

From 1) how to not neglect the root cause of the problem in a hectic situation and 2) how to onboard people efficiently in a crisis situation when the demand for talent is rising at your company to 3) how to navigate a completely new customer group.

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Harry Moseley, Chief Information Officer at Zoom


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