Episode 82 With J Reid ("Chun - Li" Nicki Minaj Producer)


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After the devastating news of Mac Miller’s passing, I talk about the importance of mental health and how social media has evolved to effect it. What was once a silly platform to post and share with your friends is now something that you can build an entire business around. For many of us creatives, we share with the world our most vulnerable work, our art. We guide you on how to navigate through the negative and hateful comments. And I encourage you to stop and think again before commenting something hurtful on someone else’s post. Our guest on the show J Reid ("Chun - Li" Nicki Minaj Producer) talks about what it was like to work with a superstar, what it took to get there, how it changed his career and what he has planned for the future. Gems you don’t want to miss!

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