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The Boldly Becoming You Podcast is your bi-weekly invitation to become who you were born to be. Underneath the layers of rules and expectations you have adopted over your lifetime, in an effort to connect and be accepted, you’ve lost much of who you were when you entered this world. Twice a week I will call on you to answer that whisper from your inner wisdom that you have been shushing for years and begin the redesign of your life. On Mondays I’ll share truths about the human experience and highlight opportunities to deepen your connection to yourself so you can show up in all areas of your life in full alignment and with a meaningful impact. In these brief episodes, you will be reminded of your responsibility to yourself to become the person you have always wanted to be. On Thursdays, I’ll introduce you to people who have lived both lives - the one where they agreed to what others expected of them, following the same arbitrary rules we all agreed to AND then had the courage to finally listen to their gut telling them there was something more. We will learn how to navigate the sometimes messy experience of listening to our truest selves from their collective journeys and then redesign daily life to pursue our respective purposes. In reality, there are no Universal rules about what is right and wrong or good and bad in parenting, partnership, friendship, etc. It’s about what is aligned with your purpose...and what is not. Boldly Becoming You will help you challenge the rules you may not even know you are following so you can get on with living an authentic life that fills you up and allows you to have meaningful connections while practicing your purpose.

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