The Adventures Of The Falcon - The Case Of Everybody's Gun (07-04-51)


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The Case Of Everybody's Gun (Aired July 4, 1951)
This hard boiled detective drama began as an RKO Radio Pictures theatrical serial in the 1940s, went on radio in 1945, and then came to TV ten years later in this Syndicated series produced for distribution by NBC Films; Charles McGraw had been in many motion pictures before and after including "The Killers", "Spartacus" and "Cimarron"; in this series he played the title role of a man whose real name was supposedly Mike Waring, an American agent whose code name was "Falcon"; Later Charles McGraw starred in a short lived TV version of "Casablanca" (1955 - 1956) in the character of Rick; He also had a role on the detective drama "Staccato" (1959) Actor McGraw (whose birth name was Charles Butters) met an unfortunate death in real life when he fell through a shower glass door in 1980 at his home in Studio City, CA. THIS EPISODE: July 4, 1951. NBC network. "The Case Of Everybody's Gun". Sponsored by: Kraft Miracle Whip, Kraft Malted Milk. A client is murdered before he can pay detective Michael Waring! Les Damon, Ed Herlihy (announcer), Drexel Drake (creator), Bernard L. Schubert (producer), Jerome Hines (writer), Richard Lewis (director), Arlo (music), Charles Webster. 30:17. Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.
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