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Devin Galaudet lost his father's ashes and writes about in his memoir 10,000 MIles with my Dead Father's Ashes, which is available in bookstores everywhere September 18, 2018. Hi podcast on writing, editing, and promotion for writers is updated daily, Writing Daily.Devin is the Editor and Publisher of the well-established In The Know Traveler series of websites, which celebrated thirteen years in August. He also publishes several other travel-inspired websites including In The Know Hotels an ...
Live Lively Dallas highlights playful experiences available for a variety of ages in the Dallas area that involve some level of physical activity: throwing, dancing, paddling, swinging, riding, jumping, swimming, etc. And Live Lively Dallas activities all take place on a regular basis, making it easy to get your play on. For show notes and more information go to Live Lively Dallas, it's the best way to live. Thanks for listening!
Basel Meets
It just a podcast ... nothing crazy
Society Now
You deserve news without bias, ulterior motives, or leanings toward a political agenda. You deserve news that gives you facts and reality instead of fiction and rhetoric. Society Now is here to deliver your weekly news with integrity, honesty, and a healthy dose of realism. You can reach us on twitter at @TheSphereTV with the hashtag Society Now!
Bjj podcast covering all things jiu jitsu. Mindset, training, philosophy.
Wide Men Can't Jump
A unique NBA experience from two life long fans who create entertainment and information for the casual and die hard fans.
The original research-library rock'n'roll radio show! Broadcasting on WREK Atlanta, each show features an hour of music, interviews, and library talk united by a common theme.
Wolverine Confidential is MLive's podcast featuring beat writers Aaron McMann, Andrew Kahn, and Ryan Zuke
An actual play D&D podcast, listen as a group of friends come together to play D&D over the internet.
BFM :: TechTalk
How can technology can help boost the enterprise on all levels? Tech Talk is the only tech show on Malaysian airwaves brings you up to speed on current trends. Interviews with experts and analysts provide insights into what's been tried and could be, coupled with a no-holds barred real-life review of the latest consumer products in plain English that strip away the marketing gimmicks.
Night School explores topics from psychology, the social sciences and the humanities for a general public through light and engaging conversations.
All of the Tech News related Podcast available online today at the Tech Podcast Network
Music, for your mind, your body and your soul.
Highlighting big ideas from both recent and soon-to-come events, In The Moment is a rolling Town Hall timeline, with you at the center. Every two weeks, hosts Steve Scher and Jini Palmer rewind through the recent past and fast-forward to the near future, catching you up on events you may have missed and offering a glimpse into the weeks ahead. With hundreds of programs annually, it’s impossible to make them all–In The Moment helps you stay in touch with Town Hall even when you can’t be here, ...
Just Win Today is your morning pep talk, the quote of the day, and a little daily motivation all rolled into one. Yesterday is over. Tomorrow isn't promised. So make today a WIN! #JWT
The 247Sports Michigan beat gets together once a month to talk all things related to Michigan football, basketball, recruiting and more. Be sure to read all of our stories at!
Medscape Editor-in-Chief Eric Topol interviews leading experts on the latest clinical, scientific, social, political, and legal developments that affect the practice of medicine.
Nerd of Godcast
Christ culture and nerd culture come together for some sweet, sweet two player co-op.
Stop, Hack, and Roll is a podcast about pushing pen and paper games to their limits.
Weekly, 30 minute show about board games. Each week we discuss in depth, one board or card game or discuss a group of games. Hosted by Brent Mair, Ryan Decaria, and Nathan Howard.
The Spike Feed
The podcast for the everyday tournament grinder, the Spike Feed specializes in tournament news and card finance.
Trends Like These
Two internet friends talking about internet trends! Travis McElroy (MBMBaM, Adventure Zone, Bunker Buddies) and Brent Black (Brentalfloss, With Lyrics Video Series) bring you all the latest trends from Facebook, Twitter and all over the Internet!
Join us every week as we break down the biggest news and events in the Big East!
Five friends. Four characters. Twenty-sided dice. Join Liz, Alex, Carson, Larry, and their Dungeon Master/God-King Brandon as they play DnD together and explore an epic world of high fantasy... That will likely lead to a lot of dead mooks and NPCs.
"This is a tale of a strange and dangerous world”. How to Win Loot and Influence Dragons is a fantasy roleplaying podcast featuring Thomas Owen, Grace Chapple, Jackson Used and Ben McAllister. Join these brave adventurers as they explore the mystical realm of Carthas, vanquish evil and sink a few ales
The Holy Hour
created by Gavin Conner and Donald Toney, this podcast studies the last 40 years of the CURE through personal stories and artistic critique
Local Mouthful
Talking shop with obsessed home cooks everywhere!
TransMissions: Extra! is a podcast about all things other than Transformers! On this show we spend a little time talking about a topic that’s come up in the past few weeks that’s not Transformers related.
From the Desk of Glen is a podcast by Glen Gibbs, formerly of The Lesser Bonapartes.
Finding Arizona is a weekly podcast that interviews local business owners. We strive to find out what the owners’ passions are and interesting tid-bits that people don't know about them. The idea is to organically have a conversation with a friend, so the audience can hear everything from the owner’s point of view. We hope the podcast is able to form and gain more fans and followers, and start a community of passionate supporters and entrepreneurs. We love everything about the people who mak ...
An actual play podcast of simian proportions!
Horror Movie Survival Guide is a weekly podcast where two unlikely gorehounds and long time chums, one a hardcore horror fan with a notebook to prove it, and the other finally coming out of the creepy horror fandom closet - watch and talk about horror film from a survival point of view. We ask the question - how can we end up as the final girl? Join Julia and Teri as we take a deep dive into everything from OG horror to newly released films,(but preferably Classics on VHS). We'll talk about ...
Cheaters Radio
CHEATERS RADIO is Real Reality Radio. Each episode presents actual true stories, documenting the pain of a spouse or lover caused by infidelity.
Strategy and support for solopreneurs. Whether you're feeling shy scared, or stuck business coach Nadia Finer is here to help you beat the business blues and make the kind of moolah you deserve.
Simultaneously ruthless and apathetic, Minnie offers her commentary on society, pop culture, love, and everything in between as she snacks on sour patch candies (but only the watermelon ones) and rolls a blunt on top of her notebook full of highdeas. You can expect sugar, spice, and everything rice from this Californian self-produced indie smut peddler. Guests include the East-Bay Arean's equally eccentric friends who will share the mic (and the blunt).
Dean Delray's "Let There Be Talk." This original podcast is a unique blend of rock, shock, and comic talk with some of the biggest names in music, comedy and entertainment. There's never a dull moment with your motorcycle riding, joke slinging host Dean Delray. So, strap on your helmets folks and get ready for one helluva ride!
This is a sports podcast talking about NBA basketball featuring UCONN Students Robert Schlatter and Nick Paravalos. It is a weekly podcast discussing ongoing and recent news revolving around the NBA. Whether it’s about players, teams, or any sort of news revolving around the NBA. We’ve got hot takes about on big time news when it comes to the NBA and we’re not afraid to speak the truth! That’s why we call it Talkin’ TRUE Hoops!
Paul Driscoll and Tyler Moore are Tampa Bay Lightning fans and season ticket members who talk hockey, food, and pretty much anything else that pops into their heads.
The Drew Hahn Show
Everything and Anything, Top to Bottom. Thoughts and Theories by yours truly...Drew Hahn. City life to country boy, a golden gal pal to sports enthusiast (go Packers), spa nights to camping, wine to beer; its all rolled up in one. Funny takes on the everyday life as observed and experienced by Drew. Take a Listen ;)"
Locked on Heat
Hosted by Wes Goldberg and David Ramil, Locked On Heat covers the Miami Heat and the NBA.
Direct from Italy! Follow the adventures of two Americans living and running a villa in Puglia, Italy, and learn all about Italian the culture, people, food and fun. Every week, we’ll share our lives with you and what life in Italy is really like especially for two Americans. From Italian recipes to travel in Italy to interviews with others who share the same Italian spirit, we’ll cover it all. So come along for the ride and discover that life is better when you put a little Italian into it.
No Dumb Questions
A Science guy (Destin) from the deep south hashes things out with a Humanities/History guy (Matt) from the wild west.
Here we discuss Classic Rock! Everything from album discussion, to our love for certain songs or bands, to timeless moments, bar chat style!
A Swift Kick In The Ass, is a podcast about positive personal change. The thought provoking show discusses strategies to help the ordinary person achieve extraordinary change. Hosted by lifelong friends John W. Curren and Tom Stewart who are on a quest to disrupt conventional thinking and find true freedom by living life on their own terms.
No Limits Map to Triathlon is a podcast for the everyday person. Coach Todd is your host and he is here to give you tips on how to train, race and live a great life filled with triathlons. No it is not easy...but doable. Happy Training!
A walk through the last century of America's roots music, the podcasts for Deeper Roots come to you from productions at two Northern California community radio stations: and
Wizards Talk
The Wizards Talk podcast is anchored by NBC Sports Washington's Wizards beat reporter Chris Miller and highlights all members of our Wizards coverage team. Miller will also reach out to a host of outside influencers both in the D.C. media and the national landscape.
A podcast about one player board and card games, hosted by Brandon Waite and Carter McKie. Join us each episode as we discuss the latest solo games news and give an in-depth review of a new solo game or variant.
Iron Fist
Aaron, Jon, Kova, Steven and some revolving guests will be recapping and reviewing netflix's latest addition in the Marvel MCU, Iron Fist! Send us your feedback to! We are on and on twitter @sceneitcast.
We are The FIFA Ramble and you’ve never heard a football podcast like us before
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One in Twenty people in the US are hard of hearing. Close to 1 million people in the US are outright deaf. In the meantime, we want to bury ourselves in noise cancelling headphones so we can be in our little world. So when things like the doorbell rings, a loved one is shouting at you, or danger is around, you might miss it. Nugunga wants to he ...…
This artist came to us and asked us to share his story on top of the music that he makes. It's interesting to see what someone does with their style when you move from one city to another. Originally from Detroit, JaeVinci sits down and explains how Arizona changed up his mindset and produced his passion. If you'd like to learn more about his m ...…
Tammy joins me as we talk live music happening in the Valley today! Plus we are playing some jams and discussing how I may or may not be lightly stalking Sarah Potenza and Pip the Pansy. Find out if Ive found them yet ;)
Wizards lose in Charlotte 123-110 despite a season high 46 point effort by Bradley Beal. Wes Hall and Travis Thomas look at the Wizards 1st game post All Star Break and what it means for the upcoming stretch.
February 23, 1896 – Tootsie Roll is introduced in US[/caption] 1896 – A little Geeky knowledge for ya – The Tootsie roll is introduced. Austrian immigrant Leo Hishfield took the idea to a New York store and sold the idea. The name comes from her 5 year old daughter, whom everyone called “Tootsie”. It became the first “Penny candy” and was even ...…
Today Tim looks at the 7 Canadian based Teams and where they stand as we make our way into the playoff push. We are then joined by Tyson Dolynny from DOLYNNY TV of Youtube fame. Were going to talk about there slim chances to make the playoffs and have an honest hard look at whats wrong with the team and how we might fix it. From management to p ...…
First broadcast on February 22 2019 Playlist at "I wanted to inhabit that fictional library again."
For Recording, Live Streaming, Music, and more At the Blue Microphones booth this year, the company showed off Ember – the newest microphone in the line. An XLR microphone for musicians, podcasters, livestreamers, and much more. At CES 2019, I talked with Hillary Money about this new microphone in the line. Ember needs a mixer or an audio inter ...…
INTRO 0:26 We did it, we cancelled all the men. Toxic masculinity vs. questionable masculinity Drinking in solidarity with Malia SHE-YOND THE HEADLINES 4:56 Jussie Smollett Lesbian couple denied tax preparation Meghan Trainor PR email dramatic reading POLITICS ROUNDUP 22:41 Bernie vent sesh Trump's "national emergency" TIDBITS 29:28 John Wayne ...…
Uh oh! Looks like we’ve got some #teen #family #drama to contend with! Also: Dun Khan intimidates, Jodhi equivocates, and Drussy disintegrates... We’d love to hear from you if you’ve got thoughts about the show, so check us out on Twitter @htwlaid! If you tweet about us we might shout you out on the show, and as always: consider giving us a rat ...…
Episode 24 of Modified Roll, an actual play D&D podcast. Join our "heroes" as they near the border of civilization, but before they reach it's relative safety they find themselves witnessing a strange sight, what will they do next? Find out now in Episode 24 - An Interesting Stand Off Subscribe in a reader Do you want some new dice or awesome D ...…
Reverse digital search warrants are where law enforcement request wide sweeping data of cell phone location information within a crime perimeter at a certain time. They are doing this to look at the digital data to try and determine a suspect. Some are concerned about the privacy rights of those innocent people that may be in the general area a ...…
Reverse digital search warrants are where law enforcement request wide sweeping data of cell phone location information within a crime perimeter at a certain time. They are doing this to look at the digital data to try and determine a suspect. Some are concerned about the privacy rights of those innocent people that may be in the general area a ...…
David Ramil recaps the Miami Heat's loss to the 76ers and answers questions about Erik Spoelstra's rotations and if the subtle tank is, indeed, on. Support us on Email us: Social: @wcgoldberg @dramil13 @lockedonheat Learn more about your ad choices. Visit…
February 22, 1999 – AMD released K6-III[/caption] 1999 – AMD releases the AMD K6-III Processor in speeds of 400 and 450 MHz. It would feature a 64KB Level 1 cache and a 256KB Level 2 cache. The 3DNow! graphics instructions would be supported, along with Direct X 6.0. There were 21.3 million transistors on the 0.25 micron process wafer. Subcribe ...…
Looking for a black and white laser printer, that also acts as a scanner and fax machine? Don’t want to pay much for it? HP has come out with a great printer that won’t break the bank for printing; and that includes getting replacement toner. HP LaserJet Pro M148fdw Review This is a smaller printer, weighing around 20 lbs, but can print multipl ...…
This week’s podcast is entirely focused on the No. 7 Michigan basketball team, as Lorenz and Shaw break down one of the Wolverines’ bigger weeks of the season. They start by looking inside Michigan’s 65-52 win over No. 24 Maryland to close last week, and some of the things the Wolverines showed in the win that could help them moving forward — s ...…
After months of rumours, the most anticipated phone of the 2019 so far is finally here. The Samsung Galaxy S10. And just hours after the global launch, we got 3 tech writers in Malaysia to share their first hand experience of the phone as they were the first 3 Malaysians to test it out.
What would it be like if you cut Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google & Microsoft out of your life completely? We knew it would be a living hell and never had the nerve to do it. Kashmir Hill, a writer at Gizmodo did. We discuss her experiences and their implications for the world we live in.
Wes Goldberg and David Ramil answer more mailbag questions, including if the Miami Heat should target Terry Rozier this summer, other possible free agent targets and what position the Heat should look to add in the NBA Draft. Support us on Email us: Social: @wcgoldberg @dramil13 @lockedonheat ...…
♫ Little Nancy - The Sound Of Havana♫ Anthony Bois - Electric Piano On The Run♫ Nicola Brusegan - Fantastic Club♫ Electra - Jibaro♫ Karl Sierra - Vibe All Night♫ Kingsley O - Kingsley’s Jam♫ Meddie Mercury - Higher Luv♫ Colourblind - Nothing Better♫ Roy Jazz Grant - House Music Made Lover To The Dj♫ Bruno Be - A Collective Improvisation♫ Dj Ran ...…
Feb 21, 2001 – Apple released iMac Special Edition[/caption] 2001 – At Macworld Expo in Tokyo, Japan, Apple Computer introduced the iMac Special Edition. It would be available in Flower Power, Dalmatian Blue, or Graphite designs. This special edition would only be available for 1 year as chip technology was climbing fast. “iMac has evolved into ...…
In the last few weeks, I’ve been testing out a gaming device that might give gamers an advantage in playing. Personally, I love mechanical keyabords, because they have a tactile feel like no other. This gaming half-keyboard from GameSir not only gives me that feel, but a new way to game. About the GameSir VX This is a wireless half-keyboard for ...…
The Wide Men are back and this week they are diving into the Markell’s Fultz situation. They look at what was and what could be with Fultz in Orlando and if he will ever play again. The guys talk to Tom Moore from the Bucks County Currier Times about the 76ers moves and Philip Rossman Reich from the Orlando Magic Daily about the moves that brou ...…
“Three brave astronauts are alive and on Earth because of the mission operations teams’ dedication, and because at the critical moments the people of that team were wise enough and self-possessed enough to make the right decisions. Their extraordinary feat … Continue reading →
This week we discuss Chelsea vs Man City cup final and why Chelsea shouldn’t be written off, Manchester United vs Liverpool is going to be game of the season, are Arsenal in a crisis plus why we hate gambling adverts, who our favourite shit house players are and our very first live show. TFR
The Big Ten men's basketball title can possibly be decided with two Michigan-MSU matchups in the next three weeks. The women's basketball team is now projected to make the NCAA Tournament, while the football spring game date has been announced.By (MLive's Aaron McMann and Andrew Kahn).
They may not be a household name as a company but chances are, you would have used their services without knowing. Infinitium is a homegrown company that has quietly went about doing its business in the world of payment authenticators. They work with 15 banks just in Malaysia alone and have been in this space for the last 21 years. We speak to ...…
Soups is good Food news of the week: The LA Times is bringing back their stand-alone food section. The editor will be Peter Meehan. It’s the first big move after losing Jonathan Gold. Read all about it. In our What’s for Dinner segment this week, it’s all about Instant Pot Dal Makani. In How’d You Make That? Marisa explains crisp topping. We’re ...…
Hear Chris talk to Bradley Beal moments after he played in the All Star Game, including his recruiting efforts for other big names to Washington. Then Michael Lee of Yahoo comes on to talk not only Wizards but also the main happenings around the league including what's next for Anthony Davis (10:51). Finally, Chris chats with NBA TV's Dennis Sc ...…
Area Control games like Risk tend to have a bad rap in our playgroup, but does that make the mechanic problematic? Many players love area control and seek out games like Heroes of Land, Sea, and Air, Twilight Struggle and Scythe. Join Meeple Nation as we discuss those games as well as Area Control games like El Grande. Other games discussed: Sp ...…
Wes Goldberg and David Ramil discuss Pat Riley's quest to win one more championship before he retires, if that's a realistic goal for him and the Miami Heat, and how he could do it. Support us on Email us: Social: @wcgoldberg @dramil13 @lockedonheat Learn more about your ad choices. Visit mega ...…
February 20, 1986: MIR Space Station launched 1986 – The first piece of the Mir Space Station is launched. With 6 docking ports and labs for research, the Space Station was expected to push us into the stars. The term “Mir” is Russian for “Peace”. Wikazine – Full show notes for February 20 Subcribe to Day In Tech History:RSS Feed - iTunes - Goo ...…
Canonical Apologizes for Boot Failure in Ubuntu 18.10 & 18.04, Fix Available Now Source: Open source project aims to make Ubuntu usable on Arm-powered Windows laptops Source: ...…
As many musicians are starting to get into video streaming, they want to have that advantage to show what they are doing, as well as keep the audience engaged. Roland is helping these artists create video that is engaging, and high quality. The VR-1HD is the newest streaming mixer that can help with the solopreneur musician. What is the Roland ...…
Episode Notes We make this podcast with the support of Patreon backers like Justen Hunter, August, polyamorous_q, Finn, Christian Guanzon, Spenser Starke, Greg Walters, Tanta Munthe, Spencer Austin, Aaron ...…
Wes Goldberg and David Ramil answer your mailbag questions, including if the Miami Heat's season should be considered a failure, who the team could add to the roster to make the league minimum, and the chances Miami could force an upset in the playoffs. Support us on Email us: Social: @wcgoldb ...…
In episode 88, we welcome Khaliah Guillory (@KOGSpeaks) to another amazing show on this week’s Society Now! We breakdown Trump declared a national emergency to bolster his border-wall plans. We also dive into the political climate for the 2020 election. Plus, we discuss Gucci apologizes after social media users say sweater resembles blackface. ...…
February 19, 1990: Adobe Photoshop 1.0 was released 1990 – Thomas Knoll was a student at the University of Michigan when he decided to write a program for his Macintosh Plus. The program was a simple image viewer, but when his brother – John Knoll – caught wind, he suggested that Thomas turn it into an image editor. Thomas took 6 months to deve ...…
Today on LET THERE BE TALK my guest is Mat Weisfeld President of VPI Industries. VPI has been making Handmade Turntables in New Jersey for the last 40 years and they are absolutely next level. A few weeks ago I went out to the factory took the tour and then sat down with Mat and talked everything Turntables. This is a fantastic episode that wil ...…
Sometimes, the best interviews come from private suites rather than the show floor. Mushkin was at CES in their own private suite. The company has memory in all kinds of the products that we use everyday, but they focus on higher end video game systems. This year they have 4 new products to showcase. All with the gamer in mind. I sat down with ...…
Worlds collide as the Christian Nerd Scott Higa and the Nerd of God Tony Talavera join forces to bring you entertainment and enlightenment. We start with more poop talk because we've done too much youth ministry, count down some of our favorite nerdy couples, and read the first Psalm.
While down in Charlotte, Chris catches-up with former longtime Wizard Brendan Haywood for an all encompassing conversation that includes his dust-up in the playoffs with LeBron (6:42), behind the scenes in Chicago prior to Gilbert Arenas' famous playoff buzzer beater (13:36), being teammates with Michael Jordan (22:06), and his scouting report ...…
In this episode, Paul and Tyler talk about visiting Montreal, the curmudgeons of hockey and how they are keeping the game from growing, the Lightning third jerseys, a trade deadline preview, and how the Bolts are really, really good. Like, REALLY good. Also, which teams would we LEAST like to play in the postseason?…
On this episode we welcome a new horror survival protegé, Teri Gamble, into the Horror Movie Survival Guide fold. Julia and Teri dive into the classic, Stanley Kubrick's, The Shining. Surprisingly, Teri had never seen this film and it wasn't in Julia's horror movie notebook. Kubrick's masterpiece in madness follows the Torrance family as they b ...…
February 17, 1979: It snows in the Saraha 1979 – for the first and only time in recorded history, it snowed in the Sahara Desert. It was in Southern Algeria and the storm only lasted a half hour. The snow melted off quickly. Subcribe to Day In Tech History:RSS Feed - iTunes - Google Play Twitter - Facebook- RSS Bandwidth by Cachefly Get a 14 Da ...…
Wouldn’t it be great if we lived in a world where you could have your cake and eat it too. Apparently with the Nexus of Fate Arena Banning, WotC think just that. We speculate what this weird half banning will mean for the future of Magic. We also go deep on the lack of clear scheduling on Wizards part this past year. Thank you for your honor. C ...…
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