Focus on Kenya: At the Forefront of IP-related Legislative, Enforcement and Advocacy Efforts in Africa


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With a steady GDP growth over 5% last year, Kenya is one of the leading economic forces not only in East Africa but on the entire continent. In this context, it’s no surprise that intellectual property issues are at the forefront of most national institutional projects. From legislative amendments to update the main laws in light of new challenges raised by new techs, to punchy enforcement initiatives to tackle counterfeiting, IP issues are regarded as critical to foster the economy. Our guests today, both Members of Kenya Parliament, Honorable David Ochieng (for Ugenya Constituency) and Honorable Alice Muthoni Wahome (for Kandara Constituency), are essential stakeholders of these changes, thanks to their extensive knowledge of legislative, political and judiciary worlds in Kenya. Honorable Wahome is also Chairperson of the Kenya’s IP/Trademark Caucus on INTA and Honorable Ochieng is one of its Members.
Deeply involved in this country’s strategy related to IP and innovation, they explain in this episode the current changes and what they expect from them.
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