101: Embracing the Relaxed Hustle with Jessie De Lowe


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Jessie De Lowe is a manifestation coach, art therapist, certified yoga instructor and Co-Founder of the lifestyle + wellness platform How You Glow. She has dedicated much of her life to the study and practice of alternative healing and now helps others enrich their lives through an array of therapeutic mediums.

Jesse leads by example, living a high-vibration, love-filled existence with her family by the sea. She is passionate about guiding others to do the same, to find their own version of bliss and soul alignment through her offerings. And she is also the host of a relationship + love podcast called Madly Forever.

In the episode, she shares how she found her way to art therapy, manifestation work, and co-creating the popular content platform, the adorable story about how she met her How You Glow co-founder Tara Sowlaty, the little wins that put their brand on the map and why it had nothing to do with a strategy, why she has always taken a “relaxed hustle” approach to business building and what that looks like in action, a peek inside her manifestation process, what it’s like to integrate business and motherhood, and so much more!

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