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Andrew Waugh is a founder of Waugh Thistleton Architects and a pioneer of design in the field of timber buildings, using cross-laminated timber (CLT).

Waugh Thistleton are committed to the use of timber construction which has earned them an international reputation in environmentally sustainable architecture and design. The practice has designed the world’s largest CLT building at Dalston Works – a 10 storey, 121 unit residential building, made entirely from CLT. WT are also currently working on 5 (out of the 10) major office CLT buildings under construction in London.

Andrew has been quoted as saying that he believes that "timber will replace all other materials for construction" and we discuss the benefits of building with CLT. These include:

- speed of delivery

- ability to integrate with hi-tech, off-site construction methods

- Sustainable resource

- Lower carbon emissions in build process

- CLT as store of carbon

- Bio-morphic effect for residents

- Aesthetic

Picking up on a comment from Nick Fulford in Episode 3, we discuss the bio-morphic effect and i reference the work undertaken by Wood for Good. Harvard's Center for Health and the Global Environment found that that our cognitive abilities can increase by over 100% by working in offices with wooden interiors (when additional ventilation is added). A fact that, if verifiable, must be one of the more under-utilised in the industry.

Andrew has strong views on the current trend of what he sees as egotistical architecture, with the focus on individual building, rather than its place within the its environment and surroundings. We discuss Lloyd Alter's concept of the Goldilocks Density and where CLT, in terms of design and structural requirements can help deliver integrated buildings that fulfil the density requirement our cities need.

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