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What is Artificial Intelligence and how is about to reshape our approach to work? Will this mean that SpaceAsaService becomes the new normal for the build environment?

Antony is a renowned speaker in the property world and a globally recognised expert on PropTech, Artificial Intelligence & SpaceAsaService. A pre-eminent blogger in the world of AI, he’s recently been voted as the number one non-US person to follow on Twitter. Having founded several PropTech companies, he still retains an active role in them and recently founded PropAI.

In this podcast:

  • Where do we stand on the PropTech journey?
  • What actually is AI and how can we expect it to affect the built environment?
  • Are there tangible examples of AI at work already in real estate?
  • Why is AI suddenly at the forefront of everyone’s minds?
  • How can business embrace AI to stay relevant in the digital age?
  • Is AI a threat to jobs in the built environment? How can we stay relevant as individuals?
  • Is SpaceAsaService the natural consequence of AI?
  • Why are we about to enter a “Golden Age of Real Estate”?

Antony’s favourite building is Giotto’s Campanile in Florence as an “insanely elegant” structure. His hot pick for innovation in the sector is Gyana AI, focused on retail analytics.

The recommended additions to the newly formed Building Our Future reading list are:

You can find & follow Antony on social media via LinkedIn or Twitter (@antonyslumbers) or see his blog for further information.

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