Gabrielle McMillan | CEO, Equiem


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Can technology bridge the service gap between buildings with amenity & space-as-a-service?

Gabrielle McMillan is the founding CEO of Equiem and has led the Equiem business and team from inception in 2011. In her previous role as Director and General Manager of Advance Marketing, Gabrielle oversaw significant business growth (9 x revenue), expansion into New Zealand and the UK and international operations, including 180 staff.

Equiem catalyses communities, using technology to turn commercial spaces into places & helps landlords unlock new value in their assets; assisting them to attract & retain tenants, while increasing revenue. Equiem aims to breathe new life into buildings through: deeper engagement with customers, a smart technology platform and a curated services experience.

In this podcast:

  • How does the UK compare globally in the adoption of space-as-a-service?
  • Why is the UK behind other countries in this regard?
  • How can Equiem help property owners fulfil the service needs of their end customers?
  • Is technology an all-encompassing solution for “service”?
  • How can you measure ROI of emerging technologies like Equiem?
  • Is there a role in the Smart Cities movement for Equiem-style platforms? Will we see towns etc collaborating under similar technology banners?

Gabrielle’s favourite building is the impressive Rialto Towers, Equiem’s first project. Her favourite emerging real-estate related technology is Bluepoint; a UK cloud-based, visitor management system for buildings and a potential solution for a pain point experienced by many occupiers and on-site teams.

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