Nick Fulford | Founder, nHouse


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Nick Fulford has a background of over 20 years in sales & marketing. In 2017 he quit to set up the a modular housing concept, nHouse, together with award-winning architect, Richard Hywel Evans.

As an industry new-comer, Nick is attempting to revolutionise an enormous market - the housebuilding market. 184,000 homes were built in England in 2016/17 so it's a big opportunity to play for, and there's government commitment to significantly increase this number. Set against the backdrop of a stretched traditional housing delivery industry, there's a clear need for innovation.

The nHouse is a spacious, affordable and contemporary two storey, three-bedroom modular home. The house is made using off-site construction techniques. It can be delivered and set up to any site across the UK within five months of order. Once on site, the nHouse can be ready for occupation in three days.

After I visit the newly unveiled nHouse prototype, Nick and I discuss what the nHouse is and he believes there's a gap in the market.

We talk about the nHouse's market position and why the team believe there is a gap in the market; both from a customer and a delivery perspective. Other topics covered include the importance of technology in the construction of the product (but also as a feature of the finished building), the role of sustainability in house-building and what it means, and the importance of using hi-tech materials and suppliers.

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