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Can technology nurture greater community engagement in the shape of develop projects and will this help “democratise” real estate?

My guest today is Savannah de Savary, founder and CEO of Built-ID; a prop-tech platform that “showcases the built environment projects of today and transforms community engagement to better shape the projects of tomorrow”. Built-ID connects architects and consultants with potential clients on an online hub which has been described as the Shazam of property.

After graduating from the University of Oxford in 2013, Savannah joined Thor Equities before founding Built-ID in 2015. Savanah has won “Young Entrepreneur of the Year” at the Property Awards, was voted in Property Week’s ‘Power 100: Top 20 Ones to Watch’ and as one of the Top 20 Proptech influencers in a poll by the UK Proptech Association. She is also a regular columnist for Property Week and sits on the Legacy Foundation Board of Trustees and the ULI Young Leaders and Urban Art Forums.

In this podcast:

  • The origins of Built-ID and problem that Savannah set out to solve
  • The consequences of amassing a photos library of building interiors and exteriors in excess of 250,000 images - what happens next?
  • “Give My View” - Built-ID’s innovation to bring more people into development consultancy process; how does it work?
  • What is democracy in the context of the built environment?
  • What are the developer’s responsibilities in respect to the local community?
  • What emerging building trends can Built-ID help identify?

Understandably given the designs she encounters in her job, Savannah has too many favourite buildings to choose a specific one but Bloomberg’s London HQ was the first building that sprung to mind!

The recommended addition to the Building Our Future reading list is:

You can find & follow Savannah on social media via Twitter for further information.

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