#79 Frank Castle


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79 Frank Castle

Today we talk about Frank Castle, the Punisher, or as we like to call him: Murderhands McMike. He lost his entire family to mafia violence but instead of going to therapy he decided to dedicate his life to killing off organized crime with an irresponsible amount of guns.

Media specifically mentioned in today's episode:
-Netflix's Punisher
-Punisher vs Captain America
-bambi 2
-Amazing Spider-Man #129
-Molly punching Frank
-Netflix's Daredevil
-I Only Listen To The Mountain Goats - Younger
-Fence Vol 1, Vol 2
-America (2017)
-Two of the Spooky Girls issues are available on Comixology! Vicky Slime and Tarantula Twins!
-Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia
-Spirits: The Undertaker
-Join The Party
-Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me
-Super Sons: The Polarshield Project -War of the Realms (2019), Article on reading order of main series and tie-ins

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