Will I Get The Job? Did My Interview Go Well?


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It's hard to say for sure whether or not someone will get a job. However we can chat about the signs your interview went well!
Positive signals the interview went well (should have multiple of these)

  1. Recruiter or hiring manager re-aligns compensation with you
  2. The company follows up with you before you follow up with them
  3. Asking when you'd be available to start
  4. The team (usually recruiting) genuinely wants to hear your feedback
  5. Company is trying to get you in for next steps ASAP
  6. Asking for references
  7. Explaining the offer approval process or background check details
  8. Asked about your interest in the job
  9. Asked if you have any other interviews or offers
  10. Team gives clarity of role, responsibilities and day to day
  11. You feel you're being sold to (company or role)
  12. Your interview runs late
  13. The person you followed up with actually responds to your email
  14. Basic wording (you will vs you would)
  15. Body language
  16. Intro to other team members
  17. Tour
  18. Towards the end of the interview conversation turns more casual
  19. The team sets clear expectations on when you should expect to hear back about next steps
  20. Interviewer ties your specific experience to how it could be helpful in the role
  21. Company offers to pay for flight for an interview
  22. The good bye (see you soon, when we talk again, etc)

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