#36) How to Crush the Interview | Merryn Roberts-Huntley of Made to Hire


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We are going to talk about some really cool things during this episode!

  • We’re going to talk about the 5 questions that you should master before going into any interview.
  • You’re going to hear me answer those questions in mock-interview format with Merryn...and you’re going to hear her critique! Let’s hope I don’t blow the interview...
  • And finally you’re going to hear about an amazing new book, “Made To Hire: How to Get the Job You Really Want.”

Our guest, Merryn Roberts-Huntley, is a career expert and Founder of Made to Hire -- a company focused on helping professionals get what they want in their careers. She’s worked with many huge brands you may recognize including... Nike, Adidas, Columbia Sportwear, Spanx, Clif Bar, Portland Marathon, Salomon, and Major League Soccer. Merryn also currently teaches graduate-level marketing at The University of Oregon.

When she is not running Made to Hire, she’s doing marketing strategy and business development for FIXX Consulting, which is a sports-focused firm that she founded to help connect companies to their target consumer.

Here are the interview topics/questions that we cover:

  1. So tell me about yourself.
  2. What makes you interested in this role and in this company?
  3. What’s your biggest professional weakness?
  4. Tell me about a time when you worked on challenging team project.
  5. What are your salary expectations?

Resources in the podcast:

5 Steps to Land Your Dream Job (mentioned at end of podcast episode)

  1. Build your brand
  2. Leverage your network
  3. Create your portfolio
  4. Submit your application
  5. Ace the interview

What goes in a portfolio: (Also mentioned at end of podcast episode)

  1. Cover page
  2. Resume
  3. Visual resume (optional)
  4. Recommendation letter
  5. Suitability map
  6. 30 / 60 / 90 day plan
  7. Work samples

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