Avishag Bohbot about the importance of Women Raising their Own Funds


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Avishag brings more than a decade of experience in tech venture financing, private equity and business development. She was named in The Marker 2016 list of 40 most successful promising business leaders,She had worked in the founders group in Tel Aviv, where she managed a portfolio worth $2.3 billion in VC and private investment. Originally going into VC because of her interest in impact investment, when Avishag started managing Founders groups’ portfolio, she didn’t know anyone in the VC industry in Israel. As part of the values she learned at home, she did what she usually does when she arrives to a new place; she started helping people. After meeting a lot of people in the industry, she realized the investing the time to make a phone call to every entrepreneur she had to say “no” to, instead of sending an email templates like most of the investors do, is pretty rare. And even some of her colleagues called is “not sustainable”. In this conversation we talk about the added values feminine leadership brings into the VC world, the reason the way VS’s are managed today doesn’t suit women and having women lead the revolution- the only way for real change. “What we need now is the power of women coming together and helping each other in every sector.” In the end of the episode, one of us said: “I feel empowered”. and the other replied:”Me too”.

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